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Instant Knockout

What is the Best Fat Burner for 2018?

I know what you are thinking, “great another diet product that probably doesn’t work”. I am skeptical of all diet pills until someone can prove to me that they work.

I have been trying for the last year to get in better shape and lose body fat, so I can be the healthiest person I can be. I ride my stationary bike, lifts weights, do sit ups and much more. I eat right and get good quality sleep. I have found I can do sit ups until I am blue in the face, and I still don’t lose any stomach fat. I know my abs are hard, I just can’t see them:)

So, what is the answer? And, what is the best fat burner for 2018?

I have found a product that actually does what it says it will do. I am finally losing fat and that includes the very hard to lose stomach fat. Starting to see some of those abs I have strived for, for many years.

In this article I am going to provide you with all the information you need about this great fat burning product, Instant Knockout.

What are Some Great Fat Burning Ingredients?

First, let me tell you what some of the best fat burning ingredients are, that you should be looking for in a fat burning supplement.

Here is a list of the fat burning ingredients and what you should expect for your results:

  • Vitamin B6 – B6 helps the way that your body absorbs amino acids, which aids in building muscle. It also regulates carbohydrates and fats, helping you to control your diet to achieve a calorie deficit easily.
  • Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B12  helps convert food into energy. It also helps you break down fatty acids, improve digestion of carbohydrates and maximize protein synthesis. This will help you achieve a leaner, more athletic body, as well as better physical performance
  • Zinc – Zinc is one of the most critical nutrients when it comes to a lean, healthy body. This is because it boosts the hormone responsible for elevating protein synthesis called testosterone. Zinc also helps your body to process carbohydrates, fat and proteins into the fuel you need for sustaining your energy levels. This is a big benefit if you are working hard, exercising to get into shape.
  • Chromium – Chromium, also known as GTF Chromium is an essential trace element, but most people do not get enough of it naturally in their diet. Too many of us have high sugar diets and that can cause your body to get rid of chromium in the urine, which only increase this deficiency. Chromium helps to control insulin – the hormone that controls how you store carbohydrates in your body. It also boosts  your energy levels, reduces food cravings and increases metabolism.
  • Glucomannan – This ingredient is one of the biggest new advancements in fat burners. Glucomannan is not part of the actual fat burning process, that is the job of other ingredients. Glucomannan is a super fibrous root found in the Konjac Plant. It aids in the process of losing fat by swelling up in the stomach and making you feel full while it absorbs unwanted fats. Such a great benefit, while the other fat burning ingredients do their thing, and you won’t feel hungry. Pretty cool!
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – Would you believe, raw coffee beans. It is a great resource of fat burning happiness, that is rarely thought of. In their raw form, the beans contain higher levels of chlorogenic acid. This is excellent for lowering glucose in the liver and decreasing fat storage.
  • Caffeine  – This is a very well know ingredient for a fat burner. We all know about caffeine’s boost we get from high energy drinks like coffee. Did you know it also gives you a metabolic boost as well as that much needed quick energy boost? It’s another important ingredient to keep your energy and your weight low.
  • Green Tea Extract – Green Tea has come to be known as the holy grail of fat burning ingredients. Green Tea is a natural stimulant that raises energy levels. It turns up your metabolism and breaks down stored energy. It also elevates your total energy output meaning you will burn even more calories throughout the day.
    Studies completely back this up. One of the most comprehensive reviews of green tea research ever, found that not only did the nutrient help with weight loss, but kept it off too. And that was data from across a total of 11 individual trials.
    Another study found that this superfood nutrient excelled in fat oxidation by elevating fat burning by 16% over a 24-hour period.
  • Cayenne Pepper –The main fat-fighting compound in cayenne pepper is capsaicin. This is what is called a bioactive alkaloid. It boosts insulin sensitivity helping improve the way your store carbs, by as much as 24% in some studies.
    Cayenne is also a powerful thermogenic, meaning it has the ability to boost your metabolism, which of course leads to more fat burning.

NOTE: Beware of proprietary blends in fat burning products. These are blends or formulas or a magic matrix, as described by many marketing experts to suck you in as if they are the best thing that has happened since sliced bread. They have ingredients that we have no idea about their potency, quality, quantity or anything else. Please stay away from proprietary blends.

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Three Instant KnockOuts

Three Instant KnockOuts

What is Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout is an amazing fat burner that was originally developed for boxers, so they could burn fat quickly and efficiently to prepare for the weigh-in for an upcoming fight.

Now, the rest of us also have the ability to get this great fat burning supplement so we can lose the fat we want to lose. It provides a massive punch to your unwanted fat, just like it does for professional athletes.

Athletes from different sports use Instant Knockout. Here is some information on three of them from Instant Knockout themselves:

  • Diego Sanchez : Middleweight Champion of The Ultimate Fighter Season 1, Diego used Instant Knockout to support his 45lb weight drop in a matter of months and continues to use it to help keep off the fat.
  • Greg Jackson : Arguably the best MMA Coach in the world, Greg Jackson has trained champions such as Holly Holm, Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones. He recommends Instant Knockout to all his fighters.
  • John Dodson III : One of the top Flyweight fighters in the world, Dodson uses Instant Knockout to help burn unwanted fat without sacrificing muscle mass when it comes to the scales.

How Does Instant Knockout Work?

FACT: Faster metabolism = less fat storage

Instant Knockout takes a three-pronged approach in the process of burning unwanted fat:

  1. Boosts your body’s natural metabolism : It doesn’t matter what kind of activity you are involved in, whether it’s at the gym working out or just hanging out at home watching some TV, you are always using energy. Instant Knockout will boost your metabolism, so even when you aren’t doing much of anything, you will still burn more calories than usual. An active metabolism is critical for successful fat burning. The slower your metabolism, the less unsightly fat your body will burn. What we want is a faster metabolism, not slower.
  2. Reduces those hunger pangs: It is really frustrating when you are hungry in between meals or you come home feeling like you’re starving to death. Unfortunately, it is in our nature for us to reach for the sweet, sugary snacks, but the problem is, they shut down fat burning and increase fat storing. By taking Instant Knockout in between meals you help to reduce these cravings, which reduces the amount of fat storing foods you eat. That sounds like a great plan to me!
  3. Cranks up our energy levels : Your energy levels may be low if you are trying to lose fat by doing intense cardio routines. The energy boosting stimulants in Instant Knockout will help to fuel your body through intense cardio, or heavy weight gym sessions. No matter what you are doing, the ingredients in Instant Knockout will keep you energetic while continuing to burn fat.

Burning your unwanted fat is not as difficult as you might think, when you take advantage of the latest findings and choose a formula that was designed from the very beginning, to do one job – burn your unwanted fat and get you looking and feeling the way you deserve.

If you are like me and most normal people, without the help of a scientifically proven fat burning formula, you will most likely find your fat burning is very slow and frustrating.

Here are a few reasons I found, for slow metabolism and slow fat burning:

  • There is a receptor that triggers your body to lock fat in place.

It’s called the Alpha-2 receptor and it’s in your body right now, locking fat onto your hips, abs, stomach and rear end. Fortunately, studies have shown that Green Tea, one of Instant Knockout’s powerful natural ingredients, “turns off” the Alpha-2 receptor, to stop fat accumulating. But even more importantly, it releases the stubborn, stored fat, to be burned by the body.

  • I don’t know if you were aware but, did you know that low calorie diet + exercise = slower metabolism?

That’s right, if you are starving your body by cutting down on the calories your body is used to, it will adapt and lower the amount of food it needs. Unfortunately, it does this by slowing down your metabolism, to use less fuel.

And, we already know, less fuel means you’ll have less energy, making it harder to exercise, so you feel exhausted or run down and then you will probably resort to stimulants like coffee, or sugary snacks, just to get by.

Sounds Good So Far, but What are the Ingredients in Instant Knockout?

Here is the list of the 10 very high-quality ingredients included in Instant Knockout:

Instant Knockout Label

Instant Knockout Label

  • Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI)
  • Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)
  • Zinc (as zinc oxide)
  • GTF Chromium (as picolinate)
  • Green Tea Extract (leaf)
  • Green Coffee Extract (bean)
  • Cayenne Powder (fruit)
  • Glucomannan (konjac root)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Black Pepper Extract (standardized to 95% PE)

We discussed what each of these do earlier in this article.


Are There Any Side Effects from Taking Instant Knockout?

As with any supplement, this one also has some potential side effects.  Side effects will vary from person to person, but here are some of the most common side effects:

Trouble sleeping – There is caffeine in this product so, if it is taken late in the day, it can cause difficulty falling asleep at night. If you follow the directions for when to take this supplement, you will not have this issue, since the last one you take will be just before dinner. The lesson here – don’t eat dinner too late.

Dehydration – Another potential side-effect of fat burners is dehydration. An increase in thermogenesis (fat burning) means some increase in body temperature. Your body will use more water than usual to cool itself down, which means you need to drink enough water to stay hydrated.

Remember: NEVER take more than the recommended dosage of ANY supplement, including fat burners. Taking more than is recommended can result in more severe side effects.

As with any supplement, I always recommend you speak with your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if you have medical conditions and are taking prescription medications.

Who is This Product For?

Good news for women as well, Instant Knockout is not just for Men. It’s for Women who want to look their best too!

Although Instant Knockout was originally developed for professional MMA fighters and boxers and most of our following has been from men, it will work just as well for women who want to lose fat.

Instant Knockout’s specially selected, proven ingredients don’t care if you’re male or female.

The science is not gender based. Fat is fat and you want to get rid of it despite your gender.

Start Losing Unwanted Body Fat Today – Instant Knockout is Highly Recommended Here!

You want to lose unwanted body fat? If you answered yes, you have come to the right place. Instant Knockout has helped thousands of men and women, whether a normal person like you and me, or a professional athlete, to lose the body fat they no longer wanted on the bodies.

You can’t find a better fat burning product, that has scientifically proven ingredients, and no proprietary blend.

With Instant Knockout, you see exactly what you get and the actual dosages.

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  1. great article! I love how informative this review is. Personally, I’m not a fan of taking supplements to lose weight. I’m a believer of good ol fashioned calorie counting… if calories in are less than calories used than the weight will disappear. Sounds like the ingredients in this product are pretty wholesome and natural though. Thanks for the information!

    • I agree that eating properly, getting exercise and good quality sleep are the best way to go. However, how many people do you really know that do that? Not too many, so this product will help them along the way. I am doing everything right but at my age (60), I need a little help. This is the only supplement I found that works. Thank you for your comments.

  2. Very informative. This sounds like a safe and natural fat burning pills. I like how you listed and explained the ingredients in detail. It looks like it’s mosty natural ingredients. Are there any side effects?

    • No side effects as I mentioned in the article. As with any fat burner, it is possible to get dehydrated, have trouble sleeping due to the caffeine and lose fat too fast. But, as long as you follow the recommended directions, you won’t have any issues. thank you for your comments.

  3. I just showed Instant Knockout and this article to my husband and he is now reading more about it since he does MMA and has been thinking about the best supplement lately, Thank you for sharing this information!

  4. Great review! perfect timing as I just finished using a fat burner called the “grenade” which comes in a bottle that looks like a grenade, whats it with cool containers for these pills?
    I can say that it did see a small improvement but the side effects were you feel your body getting warmer is there any side effects with this? I think I might try it out if it’s really good!

  5. I have never tried instant knockout but I am sure that I will give it a try. I have been trying other fat burning pills such as performix. They worked great but am battling with insomnia due to the too much caffeine in the performix. I loved your review. It was objective and well written

  6. Hi. I love your article. I tend to be skeptical about fat burners and afraid to use them because of the side effects. What do you think of low carb diets that naturally burn fat? I know you’re not a doctor and aren’t here to give advice, but I’m just wondering if you think it’s better to lose fat the natural way with low carb and exercise than pills?

    • I think low carb diets are worse for you than Keto diets where you eat up to 80% fat and only around 10-15% carbs. This turns your body into a fat burning machine. Instant Knockout is a supplement you can take with either diet to help lose stubborn fat, especially that belly fat we all dread.

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