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What is The 1 Week Diet?

What is The 1 Week Diet?

I know what you are thinking, another diet plan that probably doesn’t work or is a total SCAM. That is what I thought as well, until I tried it for myself. So when I saw the advertisement, I said what everyone says, “What is the 1 week diet?”.

I am happy to fill you in on the whole thing and how it worked for me.

And men, don’t forget, losing weight, especially belly fat will help to increase your testosterone levels and make you feel better overall.

Let’s have a look at this diet and see why it is the best one week diet available.

What is the 1 Week Diet?

I guess it is pretty obvious that this diet lasts one week:) Sorry, I couldn’t resist that.

But seriously, with this 7-day diet, you can easily lose between 7-10 pounds, or even more, depending on your body composition.

First of all, this new diet provides what are considered to be, radical weight loss secrets that have never been revealed anywhere, until now. You probably already know that about 1 out of 3 people are on some sort of diet. And, at least 2 of 3 people are considered overweight. I don’t know when it happened, but people just plain stopped eating healthy and getting consistent exercise. Too much junk food is available on every corner. Too much over processed foods everywhere.

From my experience with this diet, it is very safe for quicker weight loss than normal. It is a healthy eating diet system that took ten years of scientific research before it could be created. Simply following this plan can help you lose 7-10 pounds of body fat in only 7 days. I had about 30 pounds I wanted to lose, so I thought I would try this for a week. I was pleasantly surprised to lose my first 7-8 pounds in my first week as promised by the diet plan.

The 1 Week Diet

Why Does This Diet Work Better Than Others?

I am clearly not a scientist, but it is my understanding that this diet works in ways other diets don’t take into consideration. For example, it works at the cellular inflammation level, where other diets don’t. Apparently, that is the real cause of our weight gain. The creator of this diet system, guarantees it will work for 60 full days, or it is totally free. How great is that! You have no risk.

This diet is also based on ancient Japanese health practices, which is unique to this diet as well. But now, our own modern science has been able to confirm that this diet will provide you with awesome results.

With this diet system, you will get a step by step program that forces your metabolism to increase so that your body can use its own natural ability to burn fat. Some other diets promise this as well, but don’t come through with results.

You can check out all the scientific information, by checking out the scientific references by CLICKING HERE.

Who Created the 1 Week Diet?

The creator of this awesome diet system is Brian Flatt. He is a trainer, weight loss coach and nutritionist. He also has created other very successful diet programs, including The Red Tea Detox System, The Two Week Diet, The Three Week Diet and The Four Week Diet. Even with all of these diet systems that worked for 1000s of his clients, Brian was frustrated because so many people were still losing their battle with their weight Because of that frustration, the 1 Week Diet was born to teach people how to lose weight in a shorter period of time. And, it has proven to be an amazing weight loss system that works.

The 1 Week Diet

What Do You Get With the 1 Week Diet System?

First of all, let me remind you, this is not just a simple diet plan. It is a complete weight loss system.

This full system includes all of the following:

  • The Launch Handbook – This handbook tells you all about the science behind this diet, in layman’s terms. It clearly describes, in the easy to implement course, all about the critical nutrients that you need to increase your metabolism to start losing fat. This will lead to you being able to get your energy levels up and get your health back where it should be. I found this very easy to understand and follow.
  • The Fat Burning Guide – This handbook will teach you how to use this diet system for your specific body type so you can begin your rapid weight loss plan. You will also find out precisely how, what and when to eat every day. There is no guessing with this diet system, compared to other diets plans. Great instructions for each body type and easy to determine your own.
  • The Progress Workbook – This workbook shows you how you can do just average amounts of the correct exercises to enhance your weight loss process. These are not just any exercises, but are specially designed workouts that allow you to get awesome weight loss results in only 20 minutes a day. These routines can done in just 3 to 4 days a week. I really enjoy these workout routines and they were not to hard for me at 61 years old. I actually do them every other day and that works great for me.
  • The Weight-Loss Motivator Handbook – If you don’t have the right mindset and need motivation, this handbook will help you tremendously. You need willpower to lose weight and this will help you with that. Since I was pretty motivated already to lose weight, due to my type 2 diabetes, I didn’t really need this. But, I can definitely see how it would help many people.

With all these helpful handbooks, this is a very easy diet system to follow for men and women of all ages. According to the user reviews I have read, it is helping tons of people all around the world to become more healthy.

The 1 Week Diet

Conclusion and My Results

The conclusion is obvious, I think. This diet system does what it says, and helps you lose some  good weight in just seven days. How much you lose will depend on your body type, how much you are overweight and how dedicated you are to the process.

You can and will lose weight with this system, and it is very easy to follow.

The exercises that go with the plan are fun and not difficult and take only minutes to complete.

My results were just what I expected and I lost almost 8 pounds in that first week. I also got the follow up plan to continue losing weight, following basically the same principles as the first week, with a few enhancements. I feel so much better. I look better. And, I feel much stronger now because I have been able to start lifting weights again. I love the gym again. And, that frustrating and difficult to lose belly fat is finally going away.

Bottom line, if you want to lose weight in 1 Week, this is the diet system for you.

Check out this video for more information.

Curtis Henderson


  1. Hi Curtis Henderson,

    This is great article with lot’s of information about  the 1 Week Diet – Lose Weight Fast. Though I am not overweight, I am feeling very bad for fat issue on my belly. Do you think this formula can work on this issue? Many of my friends and family member also have same issue. I am looking forward for your answer on this and going to bookmark this page for future use.Thanks for sharing this helpful tips.

    • Yes, this will help you lose any fat you have, including that pesky belly fat. That was one of the main reason I went on it a well. Belly fat is very hard to get rid of as we get older, so I was happy this system worked.

  2. Hello Curtis,

    I have seen many sites that promote “diet programs” and quite frankly they seem more hype than facts. When I saw your site I saw something refreshingly different. Your site is both informative and personal. Though you are promoting certain products your opinions are from personal experiences. Your site is very simple in design but very detailed in information. I to fight the battle of the bulge and your site seems very helpful. I will actually bookmark your site to keep myself informed.

    • Thank you Bruce. You are right, I am 61 years old so I have experienced pretty much all the things I am trying to help people with on my site.

      This diet system is much more than hype, because I have first hand experience with it. Of course, I know it may not work for some people, because they will not really follow the complete process.

      So glad you like my site. I have worked really hard to make it a great place for mainly men to come and get the help they need with all natural products and healthy eating, along with the correct types of exercise.

      Best of luck to you!

  3. Hi,

    Is this seven day diet conclusive for men and women? I know women carry more fat than men and its easier for them to drop the weight faster usually. If this really works which you have thoroughly convinced in this article I would say this needs to go viral!

    I guess with any diet and plan its all about how you execute in the in. 

    • This is for men and women of all ages who want or need to lose some unwanted fat. It does work and has already helped thousands of people, including me and other friends of mine.

      Yes, following the complete system is important to get the results you want.

      Follow the complete plan and you will have success.

  4. This is truly the most radical way of weight loss in just seven days. I am not over weight but I really do need to lose some few kgs.  I would like to loose so I will  take on this deit plan for the next 7 days and I am sure  by the 8th day I will be great  shape with like 10:kgs less.

    • Thank you for your comments Charles. This diet system will help you lose 7 – 10 pounds, not Kgs. If you do this system, you will lose fat, if you have some to lose. I look forward to seeing your results.

  5. Most people won’t believe when you tell them one week lost weight program, am not a fat person, but I know some fat people who want to loose weight but always get discouraged with some weight loss program. This does not look like a difficult weight loss program like you explained.i will tell my friends about it 

    • I agree completely with you Sandra. That is what makes this diet system special. It is specifically designed to help people lost weight is just one week. Once they have done that, they will see it is easily possible and they will be motivated to lose more and get healthy for good.

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