Testosterone in a Rut? – My Full Review of Bucked Up RUT

Is Your Testosterone in a RUT?

                  Is Your Testosterone in a RUT?

Are you managing your hormones properly, especially testosterone? Managing your hormones is one of the key factors of unlocking your true potential in life.

Is your testosterone in a rut? If so, there is now a booster that is an all-natural, synergistically balanced, super potent testosterone booster, at least that is according to the RUT website. It is comprised of clinically proven ingredients that are properly set at the clinical dose. This is not just a testosterone booster, but metabolizes estrogen, suppresses cortisol, and builds a strong foundation to reach your true potential. This is very rare to find this trifecta in a single booster, that actually works.

In this review, we will find out if it is everything it is advertised to do.

Let’s have a detailed look at the ingredients in Bucked Up RUT.

What are the Ingredients in Bucked Up RUT?

Bucked Up RUT Ingredients Label

                                Bucked Up RUT Ingredients Label

Description of each of the important RUT ingredients:

  • Vitamin D3 – D3 has many benefits, including healthier bones and teeth, regulation of insulin levels (important to your T levels), stronger immune system, brain and nervous system functions, cardiovascular health and lung function. And, it may lower risk of developing cancer. Most People can produce enough of the necessary D3 by getting 10 – 30 minutes of sun each day.
  • Iron – A study performed by The University at Buffalo in New York showed that one-third of men with Type 2 diabetes who have low testosterone levels also have low iron levels. The study also revealed, the combination of low testosterone and high levels of inflammation may lead to some slight level of anemia in some Type 2 diabetes patients. The study concluded that physicians treating anemia in diabetic men should consider at least a quality testosterone supplement, like this one, or maybe even testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). I personally do not recommend TRT because of the very negative side effects.
  • Additional benefits of Iron supplementation: According to research, the most important use of iron supplements is to treat anemia. Anemia is what happens when the body doesn’t store as much iron as is needed. An iron supplement may add more energy and power to your workout routine as your blood will function more efficiently in providing oxygen to your body.
    Studies have shown that correct amounts of iron helps you get a deeper sleep.
    Maintaining and increasing brain activity can be achieved by adding an iron supplement, because the brain as much as twenty percent of the oxygen contained in blood.
    Adding iron to your daily supplementation will help your body work more efficiently in fighting off infections.
  • Zinc – Zinc is considered a trace mineral that is important to testosterone production. ZMA, which is short for the combination of Zinc, Magnesium and B6 is often used by athletes to boost strength. Zinc has a direct effect on testosterone levels since it is needed for androstenedione to be converted to testosterone.
    Having a deficiency in zinc will decrease the bad androgen receptors while increasing the even worse estrogen receptors and may even increase aromatization of testosterone to estrogen. This will result in less testosterone.
    Zinc also plays a direct role in your immune system, so a deficiency of this vital mineral can have a serious impact on your health.
  • Vitamin B9 – Vitamin B9 or Folic Acid is needed for the B vitamins absorption. Folic acid is vital for men since it stimulates the sperm production and improves the function of the cardiovascular system. This also obviously contributes to the improvement of sexual function in men. Using B9 will improve your male potency as well.
  • Ashwanghanda Extract (KSM – 66) – This herb has been shown in several studies to increase testosterone by up to 18.7% while also increasing muscle mass and strength. It is also know to decrease stress, promote fat loss and promote better sleep. Another awesome benefit of KSM-66 is, it is extremely effective at lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides (fat in the blood) while also increasing HDL (good cholesterol) and improving your overall cholesterol base. As you probably know, your testicles convert cholesterol into testosterone. So obviously, the better your cholesterol profile is, the better you are able to maximize your testosterone levels. One study showed a 17% decrease in LDL and decreased triglycerides 11%, on average.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – Tribulus Terrestris is highly touted as a strength and testosterone boosting ingredient. Unfortunately, my research indicates that this just isn’t true. It has however been shown to help with erectile dysfunction and many other health benefits as listed below, that prove that this ingredient is a good thing to have in a supplement:

 –Shown to improve circulatory system issues
 –Helps decrease depression
 –Helps reduce issues with both menopause and andropause
 –Helps promote better quality sleep
 –Helps reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation
 –Helps protect the prostate and urinary system
 –Helps increase endurance and stamina
 –Helps decrease cholesterol

  • Tonkhat Ali – This is another one of those scientifically proven testosterone boosters. In three different studies on real males, not rats, testosterone levels went up by 37%, 46% and even 73% in one study. In all three studies, there was also a considerable reduction in Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), which we all know binds to testosterone, making it unavailable. This amazing herb also has many more benefits that include the following: increase muscle mass and strength, block estrogen and increase libido. Great benefits in one herb!
  • DIM (Diindolylmethane) – DIM supports healthy hormone levels in men by helping to maintain ideal testosterone levels while optimizing estrogen-testosterone ratios. This can lead to improved lean body mass while promoting a healthy sex drive and helping to boost energy levels. But, DIM does not directly increase testosterone. It allows free testosterone to be made available by helping to release it from the SHBG.
Rut pic

Bucked Up Rut

Get an all-natural, synergistically balanced, super potent testosterone booster! Rut, not only boosts testosterone, but metabolizes estrogen and suppresses cortisol! Get some today by visiting www.buckedup.com! Use my code “640a44” at checkout for 20% off!

Does Bucked Up RUT Have Any Side Effects?

The testosterone boosting ingredients in RUT have no negative side effects reported.

But, since the RDA for Iron  for men 19 and over is only 8mg, the 60mg in RUT  may be overkill and could cause constipation in some men.

What are the Pros of Bucked Up RUT?

  • Has no proprietary blends and has full disclosure on the ingredients and dosages. This is critical for me for supplements!
  • Consists of high Quality proper quantities of ingredients. I think this is a testament to this product’s potency and effectiveness.
  • This supplement does so much more than just boost testosterone like most other T-boosters. Not only does it boost testosterone, it also helps regulate other hormones like estrogen and cortisol while also enhancing testosterone’s benefits for your muscles and your testes, where us men  need it.
  • All natural ingredients with scientifically proven results for increasing testosterone, increased stamina, increased libido, hormone health and maximized vitality.

What are the Cons of Bucked Up RUT?

  • 60mg of Iron is a little too much.
  • Tribulus Terrestris will only help increase testosterone in men that have low testosterone, typically men over forty.
  • B9 is not a t-boosting ingredient but is needed for absorbing other B vitamins. Vitamin B6 may have been a better choice for this formula.

My Verdict on Bucked Up RUT – Has Some Great Benefits!

In my humble opinion, Bucked Up RUT gives you high quality and reliable testosterone support from scientifically-backed testosterone boosters while also enhancing your performance in the gym and in the bedroom. It is not the best testosterone booster on the planet, but it is very effective and will benefit any male who has low T and especially those that also have low Iron.

It also works to improve the overall lifestyle of its users. Through its wide range of clinically proven ingredients, you stand to gain lean muscle mass, better overall mental wellbeing, and increased libido.

For all the reason mentioned, I have no problem recommending this product to my fellow males.

You can purchase Bucked Up RUT on the website and a few other places.

Get an all-natural, synergistically balanced, super potent testosterone booster! Rut, not only boosts testosterone, but metabolizes estrogen and suppresses cortisol! Get some today by visiting www.buckedup.com! Use my code “640a44” at checkout for 20% off!

If you would like to check out my #1 recommended testosterone boosting supplement, and the one I use, CLICK HERE. Or you can read my full detailed review of it by CLICKING HERE.

Curtis Henderson


  1. Interesting product. I took some testosterone shots once but didn’t really notice any effects. Maybe this is worth checking out. At 55 I have noticed a decrease in my levels and I am surprised my doctor doesn’t address it more. Great post, well worth looking into.

    • Testosterone shots are very dangerous and there are too many side effects. Natural supplements have no side effects and are safe to use and many, including this one, do what they advertise.

  2. Hi, Curtis. Thanks for a very informative article. I never thought I would need a supplement like this, but your information of the benefits of supplementing have persuaded me to give it a go. Unfortunately I have clicked on your links to the Bucked up RUT and the supplement you use and they are telling me that the ‘server is not found.’ I will revisit your site again in the near future.
    Many thanks

  3. Another testosterone booster with legit researched ingredients! Like you pointed out the high iron content can be a bit problematic. Especially if the user wants to double or triple the dosage, which is pretty usual with these kinds of substances. I might try this, but I would use it with a fiber supplement since too much iron can, ehm, clog the pipes so to speak :). Thanks for another great review Curtis!

  4. Awesome product. I’m looking for the similar recently. I think it’s time of my body to take some supplement. Importantly, your product is all natural because I don’t really like anything artificial. All the ingredients are explained in detail. It save me a lot of time to check one by one. No negative effect is one of the big consideration of buying supplement. Thank you for you sharing.

    • I am very glad you found my review helpful. That is always my goal, to help men with low testosterone, by providing detailed information about the products on the market today. There are some that sound good but do nothing. There are others, like this one that actually do what they say.

  5. Your thoughtful review of bucked up RUT definitely made me want to check it out! Seems like a great, natural and effective product. Have you used it yourself? Or know someone who has, I guess I’m just wondering about other people’s experiences. Not much to lose though, so may as well give it a shot. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with this information.

    • Thank you for reading my article and I am glad you found it useful. I am currently testing another T-Booster called Testogen, which I like a lot. I have friends who are using RUT and other Bucked Up products and they swear by them.

  6. Hi Curtis,
    Thanks for the review. I will have my husband take a look at this. He will get a kick out of the name, lol.
    If the 60 mg is too much, are these tablets that can be cut in half?

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