Roar Ambition’s Hunter Test – New Brand Premium T-Booster

Roar Ambition's Hunter Test and Other New Hunter Products

Roar Ambition’s Hunter Test and Other New Hunter Products

Roar Ambition based in Leeds in the UK is a very well known supplement provider. They have created several awesome products, including TestoFuel, 4 Gauge, Instant Knockout, and now the Hunter line of supplements for Focus, Fat Burning and the newest testosterone called Test. Roar Ambition’s Hunter Test is considered to be one of the newest premium test boosters on the market today that includes scientifically proven ingredients.

Following is my unbiased and detailed review of Hunter Test.

What is Hunter Test by Roar Ambition?

Hunter Test is a new brand of testosterone booster that consists of several premium ingredients, several of which are proven to increase your testosterone levels.

Unlike most testosterone boosters on the market, this one is not over-hyped. Even the packaging is relatively simple, it is appealing.

It is expensive compared to similar boosters, and is clearly being marketed to older gentlemen who have very busy lives and are more likely to have low testosterone. And, I assume these men are more likely to be able to afford this much higher quality T-Booster.

It is loaded with potential benefits for men with decreasing levels of testosterone as they age.

What are the Benefits of Hunter Test?

Most testosterone supplements come with many benefits, besides just the boost in testosterone.

Hunter Test has additional overall health benefits as follows:

  • You should have more energy so you can maintain at work, home and in the gym.
  • You should be able to get stronger and become much healthier.
  • You will feel better and be able to be at your best in all situations.
  • You can stay focused and enhance your passions for you and your family.
  • Increase your libido as you will look better and perform better when it counts.
  • Improve your confidence level while reducing stress at the same time.
  • You may even find yourself being more of a leader.
  • You will feel like you can succeed when other would fail.

These are all great benefits with the supplement that are no joke. I mean come on, look better, feel better, think better and more clearly, and much more. Sounds good to me and many people are already experiencing these benefits. More on that later.

Lets have a look at the ingredients in this new brand T-Booster.

What are these Premium Ingredients Included in Hunter Test?

This formula includes 9 ingredients and all of them have references provided on the Roar Ambition website showing the studies that have been performed that demonstrate the benefits of each.

You will take six of the capsules per day, spread out with each meal to maintain the benefits through the whole day and night. This is unique for this test booster. This keeps the nutrients active all day, instead of your body removing them if not needed.

From researching all nine ingredients, I can see the each one has been clinically dosed to provide you with the optimum benefits.

Hunter Test Ingredients

Other Ingredients: Rice flour, Gelatin (capsule), Silicon Dioxide, Vegetable Stearate.

I am really excited by these ingredients and their proper dosages. You rarely find this many great ingredients correctly dosed in one supplement.

Here are the ingredients and more detail about each:

  • Vitamin D3 – Did you know that over 1 billion people around the world don’t get enough sun. You skin needs to absorb sun for your body to produce Vitamin D3. D3 is considered a steroid hormone that does boost men’s testosterone. There have been several studies on D3 that have shown testosterone levels increase by 20% with only 3332 IUs of D3 daily over a year. This formula includes 5000IUs which is the amount you need to treat even a mild vitamin D deficiency. This is a perfect amount to help increase your testosterone as you age.
  • Vitamin K2 – Vitamin K2 has recently been found to play a vital role in calcium metabolism for your body. This is important for normal bone development and preventing mineralization in your bones. K2 has not been shown yet to increase testosterone in humans. But, in one study, testosterone was increased in rats by 70% while taking K2. More studies need to be done on humans, but K2 still has a ton of good benefits.
  • Magnesium – In a study done by the University of Kansas Medical Center, it has been discovered that magnesium can help in the many areas of your health, including Lower risk of diabetes, lower migraine symptoms, less anxiety and depression, as well as help in treating muscle cramps. Obviously Magnesium is a critical mineral nutrient for our health.
    As far as testosterone goes, Magnesium in conjunction with Zinc and B vitamins has been shown to increase your levels of testosterone, and that is both free and total levels of testosterone. An amazing mineral we need to keep up our levels to be healthy. It is possible to get enough Magnesium for the foods we eat, but most people don’t, so supplementation is important.
  • Zinc – Zinc is important for testosterone production because it tells your brain to product Luteinizing Hormone (LH), which we know is a major precursor to testosterone production. If you have a Zinc deficiency, and almost 20% of the population does, you most likely also have low testosterone. Zinc is also know to help cure colds quicker. Zinc will also help men’s fertility if they have low free testosterone.
  • D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) – We can get D-AA from eggs, other dairy products and barley. It is an amazing testosterone booster. It is actually an amino acid that has been shown to increase testosterone in men by up to 30-60% after just 90 days of supplementation. D-AA also helps with the release of LH and helps produce more testosterone in your testes as it converts cholesterol to testosterone.
  • Asian Ginseng – This is also known as Panax Ginseng and also produces more LH to help with the production of more testosterone. It is also known to help with fatigue, memory, sleep and many other things.
  • Ashwagandha – Known more for reducing stress and enhancing overall mood, it is also know to increase low testosterone. One of  the main benefits of Ashwagandha is a significant decrease in cortisol. High cortisol levels directly affect testosterone production by attacking the testes. Studies have shown that taking Ashwagandha can reduce cortisol by up to 27.9%.
  • Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) – I3C is an ingredient that you get in broccoli and other some other vociferous vegetables. It does boost testosterone directly, but it blocks an enzyme called aromatase. The job of aromatase is to convert testosterone into oestrogen. The more estrogen men have, the less testosterone they will have, so blocking aromatase is a big deal.
  • Boron – Boron comes with things like raisins, almonds and dried apricots. But, you would have to eat a ton of these to actually get enough Boron to boost your testosterone. One big study shows that men who took 10mg of Boron for only a week, had increases in their testosterone by 28%. And just as important, during the same study, the men’s estrogen dropped by 39%. That is two really big benefits for your testosterone. Boron has other great benefits for your bone health and better brain functions. Hunter Test uses Boron chelate, which is the most potent form of the mineral.

I want to make it clear, that these ingredients are of very high quality and proper doses for your health. They are also completely safe.

Hunter Test

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Are There any Side Effect With Hunter Test?

All natural, clinically proven and dosed ingredients don’t come with side effects. You would have to take astronomical amounts of this supplement to have any issues at all.

Who Should Consider Using Hunter Test?

Since Roar Ambition has targeted younger men and bodybuilders with TestoFuel, it seems clear to me that Hunter Test is more geared towards the 40 and over crowd, who know they are starting to lose some testosterone naturally. I also think they are probably trying to compete with Prime Male in that category.

This is a Quality Testosterone Booster for Men 40 and Over.

What you have here is a high quality testosterone booster that contains awesome ingredients that are clinically dosed. They are made to target the older men, I think.

This is an awesome testosterone booster and has a great chance of overtaking most of my top ten recommendations very soon. And remember, you get what you pay for. If you want the best booster, you have to pay for it. If you buy 3 or 4 bottles, you will get a considerable discount.

You can only get Hunter Test online by clicking the following picture which has a link to the website for all Roar Ambition products. Once you get there, just click on the Hunter tab and select Test.

Hunter Test Premium Test Booster

Hunter Test Premium Test Booster

Curtis Henderson


  1. This is the second time this week I read about Ashwagandha for health. I saw that it can increase energy levels. I had never heard of it before in my life and then I read about it twice in a week. So strange. Anyway I like that this Hunter Test Supplemwnt has a lot of benefits besides increases in testosterone.  This looks like a winner. 

    • It is a good supplement with many benefits, including increasing testosterone.

      Ashwagandha is great for many health benefits and there are a lot of great natural herbs out there that more people need to get acquainted with. My site covers many of them.

  2. Hi Kurtis, Found this really informative and I am probably getting to the age where they could be an ideal supplement for me. Zero side effects and all natural ingredients is a plus and the list of ingredients and their benefits also is excellent. I haven’t done much research on this type of supplement and after reading this post maybe I don’t have to

    Thanks mate


    • Paul, I try to do all the research and provide all the information anyone needs to make an informed decision on any supplement I review.

      I am glad this was useful to you.

  3. Thank you for sharing ¨Roar Ambition’s Hunter Test –New Brand Premium T-Booster¨. Hunter Test is aimed, as you mentioned, at guys looking for the perfect body bodybuilder physique.  It´s more for those of us trying to push back age related testosterone loss and as we get older estrogen levels rise. 13C is ideal for estrogen control, but I would have liked to see vitamin B6 or luteolin for example.

    There are a lot of pros that you mention in your article, but I´d like to mention its cons. It´s only available from the manufacturer at no price discounting on multiple purchases. No free shipping on single box and it´s expensive.  Also, another very important ingredient is missing: Ashwagandha, maybe is the DAA had been changed to the Calcium Chelate version there would have been room in the mix

    And vegetables capsules are missing too. Why they are using gelatin capsules in a product released in 2019 is beyond me

    • It is a little pricey, but if you buy three bottles, you get a fourth free. That is the only way I have found so far to get a lower price per bottle.

      I agree they should have made the capsule vegan friendly.

      With any supplement, there is always some additional ingredients that would make it better. But, it would have also made it more expensive. This is good for what you get.

  4. This is a comprehensive review.

    I really love the way you outlined your review on roar ambition hunter T booster. I like the fact that it actually has no side effects when taken appropriately. But if I may ask,  is it strictly for men above 40..? I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks

    • It is not strictly for men above 40. Anyone over 18 will benefit from this supplement.

  5. I wanted this to work for me, and it did, but the results weren’t consistent. Sometimes, I would take all three doses and not feel anything. Other times I would but it would be late at night which caused me to lose sleep. Occasionally the energy would hit me in the morning, when I really want it, but not always.
    The release time doesn’t seem consistent enough for me to justify giving this a high review.
    I do love the fact that it doesn’t have caffeine. That is very hard to do nowadays, but Hunter Test does! I’ve taken HGH pills before and had similar results with them, however, with a little experimentation I was able to figure out how to take them according to my own biology, thus, increasing the reliability of the product. With this I haven’t which is unfortunate. Maybe I have normal levels of testosterone and this is causing my body to produce estrogen to balance it.
    Someone else could have better results than I have…

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