RAW Synergies Black Lion – [Boosts Testosterone and Burns Fat]

RAW Synergies Black Lion

RAW Synergies Black Lion

Are you looking for a supplement that will boost your testosterone, increase your metabolism, burn unwanted fat, increase libido, increase lean muscle mass and even improve brain function? According to RAW Synergies, their new Black Lion supplement can do all of these things.

Sounds a little to good to be true to me. Let’s have a detailed look at this do-it-all supplement.

What is RAW Synergies Black Lion?

Black Lion is a supplement for men that promises complete and effective male optimization, that is backed by science. This is not just a testosterone booster. Black Lion uses the best ingredients that are available and they have proven results to help improve your mood, improve your libido, help you build lean muscle mass, while at the same time, they can control your stress and estrogen levels.

So, what are all the benefits of you supplementing with Black Lion?

RAW Synergies Black Lion – Thermogenic Test Booster and Fat Burner for Men, Natural Brain Supplement and Estrogen Blocker with DIM and Pure Forskolin for Weight Loss and Muscle Building, 60 sv

What are the Benefits You Get With Black Lion?

RAW Synergy promises some pretty awesome benefits with Black Lion.

Here is a list of the benefits promised on the RAW Synergies website:

  • Daily Alpha Male Optimization – Black Lion believes testosterone boosters have become just a legend, with all the false promises many of them make. This supplement does support healthy testosterone levels along with improved brain function and assists us older guys in getting rid of that troublesome belly fat.
  • Completely Upfront Formula that is Backed by Science – No proprietary blends in RAW Synergies formulas, just completely transparent disclosure of ingredients that improve your mood, drive you to build lean muscle while still controlling stress and estrogen, to keep your free testosterone available.
  • You get a Thermogenic Fat Burner and a Lean Muscle Builder – This is said to be an all-in-one solution to burn fat while building lean muscle or if you just want to maintain what you already have.
  • Less Stress and Nootropics – Four of the ingredients in this formula have been proven to give you better brain function and more overall energy and drive. These are both great in the gym.
  • Testosterone Supplement That Helps You Lose Weight – The Forskolin in this formula is a pure extract that has been proven to not only boost your testosterone levels, but also to promote weight loss in men.

This formula has been well thought out, but I am still not convinced it can do all of these things at once. Let’s have a close look at all the ingredients and see if that helps convince us.

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Does Black Lion Contain Quality Ingredients Proven by Science?

To answer that question, we need to look at the ingredients and see how science has proven them, or not. One thing I think is important to point out, this formula includes NO Proprietary Blend, NO artificial dyes and NO banned substances. That is important to me in any supplement.

Black Lion Ingredients Label

Black Lion Ingredients Label

Here is the list of ingredients in Black Lion and what each will do for you:

  • Fenugreek – Fenugreek is a proven testosterone booster that can enhance androgenic activity while lowering the bodily fats in men that take this supplement on a daily basis. Other than boosting your testosterone, it can block reductase enzymes, which work by breaking down the natural bodies testosterone so it can be used. Other benefits include better physical performance and building lean muscle mass. You can read my full detailed review of everything Fenugreek by CLICKING HERE.
  • Ashwagandha (KSM-66) – Ashwagandha has been one of Ayurveda medicine’s cure-alls for hundreds of years. KSM-66 is a proprietary brand of Ashwagandha that has been certified to be organic, by the USDA and is manufactured according to the highest quality standards. KSM-66 has been through many clinical trials and has been shown to lower your stress, improve your thinking ability, enhance your sexual health, increase your physical performance and so much more. There is some evidence that it may be an anti-estrogen, which we know is good for more free testosterone. You most likely won’t see an increase in your testosterone with this ingredient, so use this for the benefits that is does help.
  • Citicoline (Cognizin) – Citicoline is a chemical in your brain that helps your brain function properly. Cognizin is a top brand of Citicoline that has been shown to improve memory and learning capabilities through clinical trials at several of the country’s leading medical and scientific institutions. It provides critical nutrients that help the brain generate electrical impulses, care for healthy brain cells and protect neurons from free radical damage. It also helps regulate memory and thinking functions in your brain.
  • Forskolin (Forslean) – According to Ayurveda medicine, Forskolin has been used to ease pain, help with inflammation, to help manage cough, skin-related problems, and much more. Less inflammation means higher levels of testosterone.
  • Caffeine (Arabica Coffee Bean) – We all know what caffeine is. It is a stimulate that increase your metabolism temporarily. The problem with caffeine is the loss of energy when it wares off. It can be a great pre-workout on its own.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia (LJ100) – Also known as Longjack, it is an extract from an Indonesian native plant. There have been many claims that it can increase testosterone levels, but there is very little evidence to prove that. No human studies are available to prove that Longjack is effective if taken orally. Longjack has some positive aspects including a mild boost in your libido, sexual function, and erection quality.
  • Diindolylmethane (DIM) – DIM is a compound found mainly in broccoli, brussel sprouts and other vociferous type vegetables. It has been shown to metabolize estrogen and hence increases testosterone levels. It also works as an aromatase inhibitor and promotes a healthy balance of testosterone levels in the body. However, more research is needed to provide information on the effectiveness of the nutrient as a testosterone booster. Is a very popular estrogen blocker in testosterone supplements. Less estrogen means more free testosterone is available for our body to use.
  • Theacrine (Teacrine) –  Teacrine made by Theacrine is similar to caffeine, in that it promotes better focus, more energy,  an upbeat mood does help keep you awake.

Other ingredients include: Vegetable Capsule and Vegetable Stearate. Vegan friendly caps!

As you can see, the majority of the ingredients are proprietary high quality brands that are all backed by scientific studies. Each of their websites has references to all the studies.

Are There Any Side Effects While Taking Black Lion?

Because these are all proven natural ingredients, there are no real side effects. However, since there are two stimulants in this formula, Caffeine and Teacrine, there is always a chance you could become jittery and also have an energy crash as they wear off.

Who Should Use this Supplement?

This formula can be used by all men over 18. It can also be used by women is lower doses. As with any supplement, always check with your doctor before starting any supplement.

Final Verdict on RAW Synergies Black Lion.

The science is there, the ingredients are high quality and proper amounts, but it is missing some key ingredients that would put this supplement at the top of the list.

I would love to see RAW Synergies add some of the following proven testosterone booster ingredients: Vitamin D3, Boron, Zinc and Magnesium. I would suggest that if you decide to take Black Lion, you should add your own D3, Zinc and Magnesium. That would make this an awesome supplement for men.

Having said all of that, I do think that if you can afford it, you should give it a shot, because of all the benefits in this formula.

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Curtis Henderson


  1. Hello Curtis,
    I am really excited about this product! To give you an idea, I drink it 3-4 times a week early mornings (6 am) while working out. Personally, I enjoyed my bottle a lot and will continue to use it. The flavor was perfect; lemonade, a perfect mix of the tart with a hint of sweet and it wasn’t overpowering at all. I also use a shaker bottle to mix this and the full mixture dissolves so fast with no clumps or marks. I am lifting weights and running, but I’ve always done that without seeing much change in body composition. I am very optimistic that I will keep seeing results!

    Thanks for such a wonderful and helpful post.

    • Glad you are enjoying this supplement. I have read many other reviews from other people that echo your sentiments. I still think it is wise to add the additional supplements I mentioned to achieve the result you want, since this formula is a little short on those.

  2. Very nice article. I was wondering other than the obvious for women are trying to build body mass, are there any other health benefits for a woman to use this product. Could this be used as an energy booster? Also, do you know for a woman whose testosterone generally runs too high anyway if it would be a bad idea for her take anything that has those ingredients in it?

    • This supplement has several useful ingredients for boosting energy and much more. If a woman already has high testosterone issues, this will not increase them further, so it would be safe to use for the other benefits.

  3. Wow that does look like an awful lot of benefits! RAW Synergies really makes some bold promises here. Thank you for pointing out that this product has no proprietary blend, artificial dyes or banned substances as I agree this is important. I’m glad to see that it has high quality ingredients such as Fenugreek, Citicoline and Eurycoma Longifolia. Even better that since these are natural ingredients there are no real side effects. I’ve bookmarked your site and I’ll take your advice on adding Vitamin D3, Boron, Zinc and Magnesium, well done!

    • Thank you for reading my review and finding it useful. Promising to much is a bit of an issue for me. That is why I recommended the added supplements so you can truly achieve what you are trying to do.

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