Nugenix Total T – Men’s Total Testosterone Boosting Formula?

Nugenix Total T Just Got Better

Nugenix Total T Just Got Better for ALL Men!!

Everyone has heard of Nugenix, right? It has been hyped on TV for years as the best testosterone booster on the planet. I would have to disagree, based on my own trial with it. It did nothing for me.

But now, Nugenix has finally updated their formula at my suggestion (not really but I would have), to create Nugenix Total-T.

Is it the next best thing in T Boosters? Is it really men’s total testosterone boosting formula? Maybe, the ingredients seem to say so.

What is this new improved formula, let’s see.

What is Nugenix Total-T?

Total T is the latest and greatest Nugenix formula to date. It is considered to be 0ne of the most advanced supplements on the market today. It contains a scientifically proven formula of ingredients. The ingredients have also been optimized to provide you with increased overall performance, while also helping to prevent the age related decreases in testosterone that all men experience.

The original Nugenix formula has been upgraded to include much higher performing ingredients, like Boron. Three of the 8 ingredients have been clinically proven to increase your low testosterone and increase energy, lean muscle mass, along with enhanced vitality and stamina.

What are these advanced supplements?

What are the Ingredients in this New Formula of Nugenix Total T?

Total-T Label Ingredients

Total-T Label Ingredients

The high-potency, high-performing and high bioavailability testosterone boosting ingredients are:

  • Vitamin B6 – It is important to note, your body cannot store enough B6 from day to day, so you have to ingest B6 either in the foods you eat or get it in a supplement like this one. B6 helps slow down estrogen production, which allows for more testosterone to be produced. It is also known to help with brain function and plays an important in proper hemoglobin production. B6 does not directly increase your testosterone, but does help with its production.
  • Vitamin B12 – B12 is also known as cobalamin, or the energy vitamin. It is known to help raise testosterone levels considerably, when taken with Vitamin B6, while at the same time will increase your energy levels. B12 helps create energy in the body through the processing and breaking down of dietary fats, which also helps us reduce fat production. One study showed that B12 can also have a increased effect on sperm mobility and density, which is directly related to testicular testosterone levels.
  • Zinc – Zinc has a lot of benefits for our health, including the fact it is anti-inflammatory, while also boosting your immune system. It is known to have antioxidant properties which are critical to help reduce inflammation and protect against chronic conditions, like heart diseases, some types of cancer, and high blood sugar that can lead to diabetes. It is important to note, Zinc will only help raise your testosterone if you are deficient in Zinc. All the other great benefits of Zinc still make it a worthwhile supplement.
  • L-Citrulline Malate – This is considered a non-essential amino acid that your kidneys take and convert it into another amino acid called L-Arginine and another beneficial nutrient, nitric oxide. Both of these enhance our performance, help with recovery from exercise and support muscle growth due to added endurance. It is also widely known to help with ED because of the nitric oxide increase.
  • Fenugreek Extract – Fenugreek has so many benefits, I won’t cover them all here, but it is proven to increase testosterone when taken with Zinc. Luckily for us, this formula does include Zinc. It is also known to improve our other hormone levels, which is known to help with our heart functions, energy levels, sex drive, immune system, fertility and give us overall sense of well-being. For a very detailed article on all of the awesome benefits of Fenugreek, you can read my article by CLICKING HERE. 
  • elevATP® Blend – First of all, what is ATP? That is a great question. ATP is short for Adenosine Triphosphate. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is called the “energy currency” of life by biologists. It is the molecule that stores the energy we need to do just about everything we do. elevATP helps our bodies produce more of its own ATP naturally. Producing more ATP gives us more energy to do the things we want to do an a daily basis. Also with improved production of ATP, our bodies gain the following benefits:

Helps improve athletic performance
Increases your power output and training quantity
Helps enhance performance
Supports increased lean muscle mass, leading to improved body composition

  • Eurycoma Longifolia Extract –  To me and most in the supplement industry, this is more commonly known as Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali helps increase sex drive in multiple ways, including initiating free testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and aromatase activity. SHBG is a protein that inhibits the circulation of your free testosterone by binding it up and making it unavailable, which in turn causes your testosterone levels to be lower.
  • Boron – Boron is considered a trace mineral that is very important to your health and for maintaining your testosterone levels. In one study where men took 10mg of Zinc per day, a 28% increase in free testosterone and a 39% decrease in estrogen was observed. This is especially important for men over 50 whose testosterone are known to be decreased. Taking over 40mg of Boron is not recommended.

Notice that this supplement provides full disclosure with their ingredients. No proprietary blends here. This is a good sign.

Nugenix Total-T: Men’s Total Testosterone Boosting Formula. All New, High Potency, High Bioavailibility Testosterone Boosting Ingredients. Helps with Energy, Muscle, Libido, Stamina, and Drive

Why Should I Take Nugenix Total T?

Turns out, there are a lot of good reason to take this new Nugenix formula.

  1. As I mentioned earlier, all the ingredients are clinically and scientifically proven.
  2. Will allow you to improve your performance in the gym.
  3. Regain some of your younger self with more energy, stamina and motivation.
  4. Boosts both free and total testosterone levels. Most supplements do one or the other.
  5. Ingredients have improved bioavailability, meaning easier to process.
  6. Increased testosterone translates to better performance in the bedroom.
  7. Formula contains No Stimulants, No Fillers and No Watered-Down Ingredients.

Total T is going to far surpass the original Nugenix product that helped millions of men (just not me), and the Big Hurt, Frank Thomas.

Are there Any Side Effects While Taking Total T?

The only way anyone would have side effects with this formula, would be to take way too much of it. Follow the recommend dosage and you will have no issues. This product is safe for all males over the age of 18.

This Stuff is Worth A Try Now With the New Updated Formula!

I did not like the original Nugenix formula, because it was lacking ingredients. This new formula includes everything I would want, with the exception of Magnesium. Adding Magnesium would push this supplement to #1 for testosterone boosters.

I am going to order some and I will update this post with my results in a few months. In the mean time, you should also get yours and we can compare results.

Get yours today by clicking the Amazon Add below:

Curtis Henderson


  1. Hello Curtis,This review is great explaining the various ingredients of the product.  It is also very helpful to know the description of each component and how it affects the body and what kind of result is expected from the usage. It is good to know that this new formula which you have mentioned is clinically and scientifically proven.  Since they updated the product that means that you can stand by its reputation on giving real results. Thank you for such an awesome review of this product

    • Thank you Francis. I am very happy you found this article informative and helpful. I write my reviews to provide all the information a person needs to make an informed decision.

      I hope you give Total T a try and don’t forget to tell all your friends to check out my post.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a great product, this isn’t the first time I’m hearing about nugenix, nugenix is an ultimate testosterone booster which claims to increase muscle mass and improve overall health and wellness of the body, it also increases sexual desire and performance, and if taken according to prescription have no negative effect.

    • This is not the original Nugenix you may have heard of. This is the new formula of Nugenix, called Total T and is a drastic improvement over the first Nugenix. It is not a prescription, and is to be taken as recommended.

  3. Hey here in Cameroon what I usually use to boost my energy is reactor but the only thing it doesn’t really help me that much to increase my gym performance. I did liked it when you said Nugenix total T improves your gym performance I like to really work it out in the gym so I will give Nugenix a try

    • Isn’t Reactr a pre-workout? That is really bad if it isn’t helping in the gym, which is the whole reason a person would take it. Total T will help with the gym and the post workout recovery.

  4. This booster sounds like it might work for me. Currently I am taking the SixStar Booster and that seems to be working but I don’t like the root extracts it contains. Does this have root extracts too? This Total-T has some B vitamins that help increase energy, which is always a plus when you’re over 40 like me. 

    • This formula is much better than SixStar and the ingredients are of higher quality. The minimum ingredients and the addition of fillers is not good in Six Star. It may give the appearance of working, but it is unlikely that it is actually increasing testosterone.

  5. Loved this review on Nugenix Total T Mens Testosterone boosting tablets. There was just the right amount of humor and it’s chock full of good information on the product. This upgraded formula has many of the ingredients I look for in a supplement and I will give it a try.

    For all the reasons you mention for considering using this supplement, I am convinced it is something I should switch to. I just looked at what I am taking now and I have to say, not even close, this product is much more robust. The price is not as important as the quality, and this meets that high standard for me, price be damned.

    I will let you know how it works, give me a chance to get it delivered, and of course, I would expect it will also take some time to note any differences/improvements. Glad I found this site, I have bookmarked to see what else is of interest. Thanks!

    • Thank you Dave. I am glad you found my review informative and fun to read as well. I really like this formula as well. Just be careful you don’t sign up for the subscription with GNC. Get it from my link from Amazon and that way you can just get what you want and order when you need more.

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