New Number 1 Test Booster for 2018? – My TestoTEK Review

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New Number 1 Test Booster for 2018?

I have done several testosterone booster reviews in 2018 and have found some awesome supplements for you. I continue to search for the best available products that contain only the highest quality ingredients of the correct quantities.

I have found another very impressive low T Booster that may be my new number 1 test booster for 2018. I really like the ingredients and the manufacturer, TEK Naturals Inc., is a no-nonsense group that doesn’t overdo it when it comes to pushing their products. No hype, just call this a natural booster. I like that a lot and read on to see what my review reveals about this product.

What is TestoTEK and What Does it Strive to do For Our Low Testosterone?

TestoTEK is an all natural testosterone booster supplement that contains natural ingredients that will help trigger your body to increase testosterone production. In 2018, they updated their ingredients and removed some and that is why this in now one of my very top testosterone boosters. Taking TestoTEK consistently, as recommended, the high quality ingredients should help to eliminate the symptoms of Low T and will do it safer and at a lower cost than many other testosterone supplements on the market, that have less ingredients of lower quality.

Here is what the TestoTEK website claims are the benefits you will get from taking TestoTEK:


From my research into this product, I believe these claims are true. The reviews I have read from actual users are very positive.

There are twelve high quality ingredients in TestoTEK. One ingredient that is missing is Magnesium and that is unfortunate, but there are several ingredients that are proven to increase low testosterone levels.

TestoTEK’s ingredients are completely natural and help men to overcome the difficult symptoms of low testosterone. You will improve your libido, increase your metabolism, pack on lean muscle mass, and increase your energy levels.

And, according to TestoTEK: 

This can only happen by tapping into the synergistic power of these twelve, proven ingredients that will not only trigger the production of testosterone but will also target the symptoms of “Low T” specifically.”

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Here are the ingredients and a description of each and the quantities:

TestoTEK Ingredients

TestoTEK Ingredients

Vitamin D3 – 2000IU – I like to get my vitamin D3 through simple sunlight exposure, but a lot of people live in areas that have little sunlight during winter and there are others who work inside and just don’t have enough time. For these reason, vitamin D3 deficiency is a much bigger problem in today’s busy world.

Vitamin D3 is extremely important, especially for men. There are many studies that have shown that higher levels of vitamin D3 can boost testosterone levels. Of course, we all should know, D vitamins are good for bones, skin health, and can even improve mood.

D-Aspartic Acid – 2000mg – D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid that is especially helpful in producing sperm cells and sex hormones, like luteinizing hormone. There is a ton of evidence that suggests DAA can by itself, trigger testosterone production.

Studies show that DAA can perhaps be the most effective testosterone-producing compound in existence. Men who were given D-Aspartic Acid for just three months showed improved fertility levels, along with increased growth hormone production and testosterone increase.

Vitamin B Complex – 50mg – I think everyone knows, getting the right amount of vitamin B is critical for both men and women. Vitamin B plays a big role in turning carbohydrates into pure energy. That is why you see so much of it in energy drinks.

Vitamin B complex is needed for regulating our moods and physical health and it is important for maintaining the liver. TestoTEK’s B Complex includes vitamin B6, Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5).

Vitamin B6 – helps the adrenal gland produce more cortisol. Cortisol is a substance that improves our mood and keeps a person calm. It also helps in the production of serotonin, a chemical that is critical to fending off depression and anxiety.

Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin – Works to boost energy, but has many other benefits. Riboflavin is an antioxidant that fights free radicals, substances that are associated with people developing cancer and other life-threatening conditions. Riboflavin also helps with red-blood-cell production, increasing its level and making a man stronger and more vital.

Vitamin B5 –  is essential because it helps control cholesterol. Lower cholesterol levels improve a man’s physical wellbeing and, as a result, his sex life. All of these benefits will make a man healthier and also give him more endurance. Since B complex vitamins are water-soluble they need to be restored or restocked daily.

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Zinc – 25mg – Zinc is another import part of maintaining excellent sexual health and an important ingredient in any quality testosterone booster. We know our pituitary gland produces a luteinizing hormone that is necessary for proper testosterone production. If a male’s zinc level is too low, his testosterone production will decrease much quicker than it should.

One study showed that when given the proper zinc supplements, elderly men saw their testosterone production greatly increase in a matter of weeks, restoring a lot of their missing sexual functions. Since zinc is also water soluble, it is important to take it in a supplement form every day, unless you get enough from the foods you eat.

Mucuna Pruriens – 175mg – If a man has too much estrogen or prolactin in his blood, his testosterone may become super low. Unfortunately, with too much estrogen, a man can develop certain physical female characteristics, like man boobs.

Mucuna Pruriens helps to lower these levels of female hormones and restore the proper levels of free testosterone. Mucuna also reduces the stress hormone cortisol that has been found to impede testosterone and lead to weight gain.

Mucuna Pruriens also provides L-Dopa that works to create human growth hormone as well as testosterone. As a result, men can quickly gain lean muscle mass and burn stored fat that will hopefully help us get that infamous six-pack we have been looking for since our youth.

Stinging Nettle Root – 100mg – A protein known as “sex hormone binding globulin” or SHBG, attaches itself to the testosterone hormone, depriving it of its mobility and making it unable to move or be active. A substance found in stinging nettles can block this effect somewhat, meaning that a man’s testosterone level increases considerably.

Anything that helps improve the testosterone to estrogen ratio in a man’s body will help to eliminate the symptoms of having low testosterone and stinging nettle will help accomplish this.

And, there is a lot of evidence that links stinging nettle root to improved prostate health and urinary health. This is critical not only for overall health but for improved sexual health as well.

Fenugreek – 75mg – Fenugreek is another herb that naturally improves male sexual performance. If used properly, it is Safe and effective, and has been found in various studies to keep testosterone levels at proper levels.

Fenugreek also helps improve a man’s sex drive, by increasing the sex hormones. Getting these sex hormones naturally is the best and safest way to go, because artificial hormone replacement or testosterone replacement therapy, has many dangerous side effects.

Oyster Extract – 75mg –  Another very powerful natural testosterone-boosting ingredient is oyster extract. The old saying about oysters being an aphrodisiac is not a myth if used properly. In fact, they can help performance in the bedroom.

Oyster extract is another excellent source of zinc, which is widely embraced as improving testosterone levels and reducing estrogen. Also, oyster extract is helpful for maintaining excellent overall health because it contains fish oils, amino acids, copper, manganese, and other trace elements that everyone needs to build a strong body and mind.

Siberian Ginseng – 50mg – Siberian ginseng (eleuthero root) is known by many as a miracle root and used to treat many serious health conditions. It has been used for a very long time, to improve heart health, lower blood pressure, and help treat Alzheimer’s and diabetes. It also helps to strengthen the immune system.

Ginseng is also believed to strikingly improve the quality of erections and increase overall sexual performance in men by increasing nitric oxide and blood flow to the penis. I need some of this 🙂

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In summary, TestoTEK, by TEK Naturals, is now one of my top five choices, along with Prime Male, TestoFuel, Testogen and Androtex, because it contains the most ingredients and has the highest potencies of the most critical ingredients that are linked to boosting our low levels of testosterone.

It is also very nicely priced and is less expensive than other top boosters. The company is very straightforward and it’s nice to see that they don’t use all the hype and marketing gimmicks that are so prevalent in this industry.

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Curtis Henderson


  1. Thee are so many products our there now that say they are T boosters that it is great to find a review of them.

    I had a question about Mucuna Pruriens. You say that it decreases the stress hormone cortisol yet B6 boosts cortisol and is also included. Could you say more about why they would include both?

    • Yes, it is all about balancing all your hormones. That is why they have both.

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