Muscle Health and Low Testosterone – Can I Build Muscle if I Have Low T?

You recently recognized that you don’t seem to be as strong as you used to be. You keep finding that you can’t lift the heavy things you used to be able to lift. You probably don’t work out as much as you used to and can’t get motivated to do it. You can’t understand or think of why this is happening.

Well it turns out, studies have found that when a man is not as active as he used to be, he will lose about one-half percent of muscle strength every year when he is between the ages of twenty-five and sixty. After a man turns sixty, the rate of muscle loss is known to double every ten years. Obviously some of the decrease in strength comes with getting older, especially as men become less active, but much of it can also be attributed to an above average decrease in testosterone levels. So, it is clear, especially in inactive males, as testosterone levels decrease, so does muscle mass. And, poor muscle health and low testosterone levels make it harder to gain the muscle back.

But, are there things we can do to build muscle even if we have low testosterone? Let’s see.

You Can Building Muscle even with Low T

You Can Building Muscle even with Low T

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Things we can do to Build Muscle with Low T – Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

If you have low T, what should you do if you want to get your strength back and increase your muscle mass back to something you can be proud of? The bottom line is, if your levels are lower than they should be for your age, it would be beneficial to increase your T levels so you can get back to building muscle, increasing strength and losing fat.

Here are some ways you can naturally improve your testosterone levels:

  • Check out your stress levels: It is a fact that stress can really kill testosterone levels. The more stress you have, the more likely your T levels will be lower. You need to manage your stress.  There are many techniques for relieving stress, including breathing exercises. You can find things to do for yourself that make you feel relaxed so the stress goes away. Don’t let work stress you out. To learn about the many things you can do to manage stress, check out my article called Managing Stress and Low Testosterone, HERE. The less stress you have in your life, the better.
  • Eat a balanced diet that includes the right kind of fat: To help boost your testosterone, you should go for a high-protein, low-fat diet. Please check out my articles on Foods that DECREASE your testosterone and Foods that INCREASE your testosterone. They both have a ton of important information of the foods you should and should not eat, related to testosterone production. Basically, make sure to limit certain foods — such as those high in refined sugars, salt, and saturated and trans fats — that can elevate triglycerides, cholesterol, and fatty acids.
  • Get some sleep: Unfortunately, Low Testosterone and Sleep Deprivation are directly related. In fact, it turns out that sleep apnea can be a cause of low testosterone. And in turn, low testosterone can cause sleep deprivation. So there can be a vicious cycle of one constantly causing the other, if not properly treated. In my case, I have both and I don’t know which one came first and caused the other.You need to get 7 to 9 hours per night of restful, uninterrupted sleep. Check out my article that contains much more information on sleep deprivation by clicking HERE.
  • Do the right exercise to increase low T: I know you didn’t want to hear that but it is true. Exercise is one of the best natural ways to increase low t without a prescription or even a natural supplement. For example, one good exercise you can do is sprints. Try doing multiple sprints on the treadmill on your days off from weigh training. You can even do your sprints on a bicycle or elliptical trainer. Try to do 5-10 short sprints when you do a sprint workout. Sprint no longer than 15 seconds and rest after each sprint for about 3 or 4 times the sprint period. It is best to do a sprint workout 2-3 times a week for best results.
    Heavy lifting is another proven method of increasing testosterone. Heavy lifting includes the bench press, dead lift and squats.
  • Keep Body fat, especially Belly fat, down: Being overweight is very detrimental to your health and decrease testosterone levels. Belly fat is a considerable problem for overall health and let’s be honest, it doesn’t look so good either. You can overcome this issue by do things like, following a healthy lifestyle, exercising, getting enough sleep and cutting back on the calories. Increasing testosterone levels is a critical aspect of losing belly fat, for males. Read all about the issues of Belly Fat and Low Testosterone HERE.

You Can Have Low Testosterone and Still Build Muscle – It Will Take Much Longer Though.

You can absolutely build muscle, even if you have low testosterone, but it is going to be much harder and take much longer than it would if you could increase your low T levels. You need to do the things discussed in this article and my other linked articles to increase your testosterone levels, which in turn will help with your overall health.

There are some very good testosterone boosting supplements on the market today. There are also some that sound good but are of poor quality and the quantities of the ingredients are very lacking. I have done several product reviews for you and I only recommend supplements that are of the highest quality and include the best ingredients available, and in the correct quantities. These are products that I use myself and have had great success with.

Here are my highly recommended supplements based on a males age, for boosting low T:

Testogen is the best Testosterone Boosting option for all males over 18. This year they have new and even better ingredients.


Prime Male is the best T-Boosting supplement available specifically for us males over 40. 

Prime Male

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TestoFuel is an awesome supplement for males under 30 who are trying to build muscle and increase low T.

Best T-Booster For Males 30 and Under

Best T-Booster For Males 30 and Under

Curtis Henderson


  1. Hi Curtis, there is excellent information here, much of which is new to me. Whilst it doesn’t impact me directly, this is helpful information for all men to have. I’m not sure how widely it is known that reduced activity results in such reduced muscle mass, and is also related to an above average decrease in testosterone. Given the amount of men that sit at their computers day in and day out this is worthwhile information to have. At least there are some exercises that can improve low t without the need for a prescription or natural supplement.

    • Thank you Melissa for reading my article. I am very glad you found it useful and informative. Too many men do not know about the issues of low T. That is the reason I created this site. I didn’t know either until a blood test showed my testosterone to be way too low. Now I am trying to make sure everyone knows about these issues.

  2. I find this post very informative.
    We all know that as we age, we will be experiencing a noticeable change in our bodies, especially in our motor functions. This is but natural; our bones become brittle, our sense of hearing and sight weaken and muscle mass decreases.

    I just never thought that in men, the low levels of testosterone has something to do with their muscles becoming weak. I’ve seen how active my father was before he turned 60. I just wish I had known all about this, or I would have given him testosterone boosting supplements.

    By the way, is it recommended even for men in their early 20’s or 30’s to take these supplements?

    • I am glad you found this information useful. That is my intent, to inform everyone about these low testosterone issues. I wish I had known long ago. It is not actually normal for us to lose muscle mass and for bones to become more brittle as we age, as long as we take care of ourselves. Most don’t. Males that have low testosterone in their 20’s or 30’s usually have some other medical issue that is causing low T, that can be addressed by a physician. If someone in their 30’s has low T and want to gain muscle mass, then yes they should take a T-booster.

  3. I know as I have gotten older my strength and motivation to do any exercises has dropped tremendously. I need to start improving this situation. I definitely will be looking into the two products you suggested. Thank you.

  4. Hi Curtis.
    very helpful and useful info delivered in this post.
    I am coming from the sports field and I know how important, health, proper conditioning, diet, life regime are for the shape and for feeling good and healthy.

    Naturally, the muscles are getting weaker with ages. But, with proper discipline, exercise (in a gym and off the gym, in nature), the way of living, regular check-up, the right diet, etc. also mature persons can achieve an enviable level of fitness.
    Thanks for sharing the advice and tips.
    Nice post!
    Best regards!

    • Thank you Igor. I am so glad you found in informative. I agree with you 100%, we do not need to have these issues if we just do the right things. Too bad we didn’t know sooner. Hopefully I am getting the message out there to the masses.

  5. You are absolutely right. Eating a balanced diet and eating the right fats can be crucial when building muscle. I am very interested in Testogen, I will definitely have to look into that! Thanks!

  6. Great article on the effect of testosterone on muscle development. My testosterone level seems to be good as it relates to muscle building. I am pleased with the amount of muscle I have. This website is very informative and I will be checking in and telling others.

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