Low Testosterone Breakthrough?! – Protodioscin and AndroTest Review

What is Protodioscin?

Low Testosterone Breakthrough!

For many years, and maybe even for decades, scientists and researchers have been looking for a low testosterone breakthrough in the natural herb industry for boosting our low testosterone levels. We all know the benefits of having proper levels of testosterone in males, including strength, endurance, stamina, sex drive, aggression and much more. Athletes have also known forever that testosterone needs to be optimized for them to perform at their highest levels and to be able to build to proper physique for their sport. But, men, especially athletes and bodybuilders have not had adequate natural options to use to help them. Instead, they have been limited to injections, gels and other types of synthetic testosterone that have dangerous and devastating side effects that can damage your body permanently. It has become quite obvious that helping the human body produce its own testosterone to be the proper levels and to remain optimized is the best answer.

The science and research needed to identify and isolate the key ingredients to naturally increase low testosterone has taken longer than we all expected. And then there is the methods to extract, purify and even standardize these ingredients that is a hard path to travel, even for the most dedicated and knowledgeable groups of researchers and scientists.

There have been some amazing breakthroughs recently that were made by one group of these dedicated individuals that has resulted in the first real clinical-grade and clinical-strength, completely natural testosterone optimization. This is obviously a critical and important development for men of all ages

In this article, I will provide all the scientific information on this huge development and what it does for us males, our manhood and our overall physical performance.

This new discovery is called Protodioscin.

What is Protodioscin?

Protodioscin is a steroidal saponin that is found in a plant species called Tribulus Terrestris. It is used in supplements to increase testosterone and to enhance sexual performance. Great, but what is a steroidal saponin?

Steroidal saponins are considered the foundation of our body’s ability to create natural steroids. Unlike anabolic or synthetic steroids, steroidal saponins occur naturally and their function in life is to promote lean muscle growth and the production of our testosterone levels, in a safe and natural way.

Why you ask, has no one been able to manufacture a supplement containing Protodioscin before now? It turns out it took many years and several tons of the raw Tribulus plant material to produce a few pounds of clinical-grade and bio-active Protodioscin. This was far too expensive of a process for most supplement manufacturers to spend for a quality supplement. Instead, many put lower grade versions of saponins into supplements and called it the new technology, when it really wasn’t. Athletes and bodybuilders who tried it found it to not be useful.

This is where one company stepped in and decided to invest in the considerable research and development required to create a truly bio-active high-potency Protodioscin to be part of a new testosterone boosting supplement. That company is called ProSource, and the product they ultimately developed that contains this high quality Protodioscin is called AndroTest. Although the process was extremely complicated and expensive, the end result represents one of the most exciting developments and breakthroughs in the testosterone supplement industry’s history.

AndroTest – Clinically Validated Testosterone Support Matrix – Up To 275% Increase in Total Testosterone, 60 Tablets

What is AndroTest?

In my opinion and many in the supplement and medical community, AndroTest is the only protodioscin-rich botanical super compound, that has been standardized to contain a guaranteed minimum of 80% total saponins, 60% total furostanol saponins, with 40-48% protodioscin. For a testosterone supplement containing Protodioscin to be effective, it must have at least 20% standardized Protodioschin.

According to Dr. Dwayne Jackson from Muscle and Fitness:

“What separates AndroTest from virtually every other T-booster out there is its superior degree of standardization and unrivaled potency. AndroTest’s key ingredient, a full-spectrum protodioscin-rich botanical super-compound, is synthesized via a painstaking refinement method that can include up to 20 separate extractions. The result is the first T-booster ever standardized for a minimum of 40% bioactive protodioscin levels. Research has established that protodioscin is a key catalyst responsible for helping to enhance the production of luteinizing hormone (LH), which in turn, helps raise testosterone levels in the body. Many bodybuilding experts consider this to be the ideal mechanism for raising test levels because it works by stimulating the natural production of the body’s own testosterone rather than relying on the artificial replacement of it as is the case with synthetic testosterone drugs.”

In a very controlled double blind clinical study, AndroTest produced significant increases in total testosterone levels. The average increases were almost 60% over the baseline, and some subjects even had total increases as high as 275% over baseline. This showed that some subjects taking AndroTest, experienced nearly a three times increase in testosterone levels. Just as important was the fact that the increased testosterone levels were maintained throughout the study. Being able to sustain these gains is very important news, since sustained increases in testosterone are known to be the key to enhancing muscle growth.

AndroTest Trial Results

AndroTest Trial Results

I do think AndroTest’s marketing is probably a little bit hyped. According to their advertising, it is supposedly capable of boosting testosterone by up to 275%. Based on the ingredients, it is unlikely most males will see that much of an increase. I will go through each ingredient in the next section of this article and we will determine together what the benefits of AndroTest really are.

I do think, based on the vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are in this supplement, that it can definitely help you become the man you want to be.

Get your first Bottle of Androtest by clicking the bottle.

Get your first Bottle of Androtest by clicking the bottle.

What are the Ingredients in AndroTest?

AndroTest Ingredients Label

AndroTest Ingredients Label

Here is a description of each of the main ingredients:

  • Vitamin E – This vitamin is interesting for low testosterone. It is actually known to slightly lower testosterone, but it also lowers SHBG which frees up more testosterone. So, bottom line is, this vitamin has some good benefits for overall health, including the fact that it functions mainly as an antioxidant, which means it helps protect cells from damage caused by unstable molecules called free radicals.
  • Niacin – Also known as Vitamin B3, niacin like other B vitamins, helps the body break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy. It also plays a role in gland and liver function in that it helps remove harmful chemicals from the liver. As far as testosterone goes, Niacin is critical to boosting the levels of human growth hormone, along with the increased production of testosterone. Testosterone is made from cholesterol. It lowers the levels of lipids in the blood stream especially HDL cholesterol. It is also an important antioxidant that destroys free radicals.
  • Calcium – Calcium is mostly known for keeping our bones and teeth strong. It has been shown in some studies to lower LH, FSH and SHBG which in turn allows more free testosterone. Calcium doesn’t appear to have any impact on total testosterone.
  • Phosphorous – Phosphorus helps the body absorb and use calcium. In addition to aiding calcium in nerve conduction, muscle contraction and formation of cell membranes, phosphorus regulates the body’s pH levels and plays an important role in the development of your genetic makeup. Phosphorus is just as important as calcium in the formation of strong bones and teeth.
  • Zinc – A study published in 2001 in the “Biological Trace Element Research” journal, found that men with normal testosterone levels had significantly higher zinc levels than men with low testosterone. Men with lower levels of zinc are also more likely to have lower testosterone levels.
  • AndroTest Ultra Complete Spectrum Active Extracts – I want to be clear here that normally I do not approve of any supplement that contains proprietary blends. In this case, they do disclose what these ingredients are and the critical one is the Minimum 40% Protodioscin and that it is 200mg per single tablet. Because of that fact, I have no issue with this blend because the Protodioscin alone will increase your testosterone levels.

Pros and Cons of AndroTest.


  • Natural, Clinically Researched and Tested Active Ingredients
  • Super Bioactive Testosterone Enhancement Power
  • Full Spectrum, Protodioscin-Rich Super Compound
  • Up to a 217% Increase in Free Testosterone
  • Up to a 275% Increase in Total Testosterone
  • Results in increased exercise and athletic performance
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Libido


  • Marketing Hype is a little over the top.
  • Not for under 18 years of age.
  • Has a small Proprietary Blend – Not a big deal in this supplement.

Conclusion on the Benefits of AndroTest.

It is obvious to me that AndroTest is a result of a new science of maximized male performance, in terms of increasing our testosterone levels. It contains a clinically verified dosage of an the most advanced protodioscin-rich botanical super compound that was isolated by scientists as an activating agent for the release of LH and of course for the subsequent testosterone increase.

Testosterone levels in the normal range or higher, have been associated with many positive results in otherwise-healthy males, including better stamina, faster recovery from exercise, improved mood and sexual vitality, more productive workouts, sharper focus, and more restful sleep. All of these benefits of increased testosterone levels lead to a better overall life and well-being.

AndroTest is the culmination of years of research and development efforts that were put into manufacturing a truly natural and drug-free way of testosterone support.

This product is going to the top five of my recommended supplements, and maybe higher. The reviews I have read for AndroTest are over 85% positive, so that is good enough for me.

Get yours today by clicking the Amazon add below:

Curtis Henderson


  1. Hi, Curtis!

    As someone who writes about sexual health, this post drew my interest. I must admit that I have a bit of reservations about protodioscin. Although it has been shown in animal studies to improve oxidative stress and inflammation, I’m not aware of any clinical studies that have shown its benefits in increasing testosterone levels. Nevertheless, this gives me something to look into because it appears this is a well-respected brand, and the product is worth trying. 

    If I may ask, does the manufacturer recommend using it in diabetic patients?

    • There definitely are human studies showing it increases testosterone. I really should have put the references in the article and I will do so. Thank you for your comments.

  2.  I have never heard of Spilanthes acmella, I am very keen in its uses especially its dental uses as capably as Rheumatism.  I found it in addition to appealing to see it was used to treat Scurvy, it helps once gastrointestinal as without complexity , i aspiration it cointain high content of Vitamin C.  I just harvested some Rosehips recently. I must compliments you for this educative p.s..

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments. I work very hard to provide you with the best information available on natural herbs and minerals.

      By the way, I love rosehips and their high amount of Vitamin C.

  3. thanks again for another interesting topic and thorough review Curtis,

    I am encouraged to see great amounts of effort going into products which support mens health.

    One comment I thought I would share with you.  It may be completely unrelated and may not be helpful but anyway.

    When I saw the name Androtest I immediately thought it was a reference to the term Andropause (male menopause). Thanks for helping me sift through the marketing hype and get down to the tangible benefits.

    • Thank you for you comments. I only do reviews on natural products. Most will be for men, but some will help men and women.

      I always want to provide honest information and not the hype you see on the internet. Sometimes the hype is a bunch of lies and I like to get to the real bottom line for each product I review.

      Thanks again and I am glad you found the information useful.

  4. Low testosterone breakthrough Protodioscin and Androtest review was perfect. I have been looking for something to boost my testosterone and running across this article is just what I needed. Including the information you gave it really is going  to help me understand a little more about how low testosterone levels effects me. What I am really forward to is trying Androtest for myself and experiencing some of the benefits of a boost in my testosterone level.

    Thank you for this wonderful article I really appreciate you giving me something new to try.

    • I am very glad you found my article helpful. That is why I am here, to help men with their issues with low testosterone and the related issues.

      My site is loaded with information for all males, so hopefully I will help a lot.

      I hope you really do try it and I know it will make you happy.

      You should check out my Top Ten Testosterone Boosters Review as well so you have some other choices if you want.

  5. Hi Curtis

    I really liked your breakdown of this review. I’m a massive fan of anything related to herbs and their healing powers. I’m pleasantly surprised by this product and the science behind it. I like the fact that 2 of the ingredients are derived from plants that can help boost libido.

    Like yourself, I’m not a big fan of products containing proprietary blends as they’re very misleading, yet I liked your honest approach to this. Great read. 



    • Thank you, I am so glad you liked my article. I only do honest reviews like what I would want to read and try to provide as much detailed information as possible so you can make an informed decision.

      Definitely am not a fan of proprietary blends, unless they fully disclose the doses of the ingredients in the blend.

      I only do natural ingredients. I don’t trust synthetic ingredients.

      Thank you again.

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