Link Between Low Testosterone and Belly Fat – Here’s the Scoop!

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As we get older, becoming overweight gets easier and easier if we don’t take care of ourselves. Also, the older we get, the harder it becomes to lose that weight, especially belly fat. I can personally attest to that! I became so busy at work, that I totally forgot to eat properly, exercise and get the correct amount of sleep, for years! So, like many of you, and I am talking mainly tWhich One are You?o men, I became overweight and developed far too much belly fat.

Like many of you, I lost muscle mass, became tired all the time and eventually learned I had developed Type 2 Diabetes. The blood tests also showed I had a very low level of testosterone. Not a great day for me.

As us males get older, our testosterone levels naturally start decreasing and can eventually lead to lower levels of testosterone than normal. This can eventually lead to lower energy and increased belly fat. Or did the belly fat come first and then the low T? That is still up for debate since they can both cause the other to occur.

Let’s have a look at the overall perils of belly fat and then we will talk about how to decrease it and increase our testosterone.

The Overall Issues of Having Too Much Belly Fat

We all know that too much fat anywhere on your body, is never good for your health. In fact, being badly overweight is associated with a lot of different health risks. These include, but are not limited to, increased chance of heart disease, stroke, arthritis, sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes.

I confess I have few of these, but I am working on them diligently.

Another issue of being overweight, is difficulty with movement and hygiene. An of course, there is the social stigma that comes with being obese.

But, belly fat has its own unique set of issues.

For one thing, we need to consider the types of fat involved. The first type is subcutaneous fat, which is just beneath the skin. This is basically the outer layer of fat and is pretty much the same in the belly as in the rest of the body.

The second and more concerning aspect is visceral fat. This can be a type of belly fat. Visceral fat is a deeper layer of fat that is not as obvious as other types of fat. That is because, this type of fat accumulates around the organs and can affect them functioning properly.

Because of where it can be located but not seen, visceral fat has more health implications and is extremely risky. This includes the potential to increase the risk of conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

Visceral fat is what’s known as an active fat because it has an impact on the way the body and its organs function. It can cause inflammation in the body that is very detrimental to your health.

Since the appearance of belly fat and visceral fat are not directly associated, you can have a very large belly and little visceral fat, but you can also have the reverse as well. You can only find out for sure about your visceral fat levels, by having an MRI or similar test. MRIs are expensive, so most people aren’t going to have them done.

Studies have shown over and over, people with excess belly fat are much more likely to have high levels of visceral fat.

Fortunately for us all, the ways of decreasing visceral fat levels are the same as losing fat in general. This is why weight loss if so important, especially if you have a lot of belly fat.

The Connection Between Belly Fat and Low Testosterone.

There are many advertisements and claims out there that tell us, increasing testosterone can help you lose belly fat. As a matter of fact, this is a key marketing focus for a good deal of testosterone boosting products.

This isn’t totally accurate, but there is a definite connection between testosterone and belly fat. Mainly, low testosterone, in many cases contributes to the development of belly fat. This is very common as men age and may be a big reason for the so-called beer belly that many middle to older aged men develop.

I touched on this in the beginning of the article, but this can create a dangerous cycle, where belly fat can decrease testosterone production as well. So, your belly fat ends up lowering your testosterone levels, which then can promote belly fat, which can lower your testosterone… etc.

As a result, increasing testosterone levels may be a vital component of weight loss for males with low testosterone. This may also be why some testosterone supplements seem to promote overall weight loss and subsequently, belly fat loss in some men.

But, as with anything else, there must be some limitations to consider, and there are.

The way that testosterone has been shown to affect belly fat means that there is limit too. You can’t just keep increasing your testosterone levels to keep losing belly fat. We can only have so much testosterone. And of course, taking a testosterone supplement isn’t going to help with weight loss if you’re not low in testosterone in the first place.

So, we need to know how to reduce our belly fat.

Ways to Reduce Belly Fat – Without a Prescription

As we have been discussing, belly fat is very dangerous to overall health, but how do we get rid of it?

One thing you can’t do is just focus on exercises for your abs to blast your belly fat. This just doesn’t work, despite all the hype. But, exercises like this do help with muscle development and can contribute to overall weight loss, and you may actually have a six-pack – you just won’t see until you lose the belly fat.

Following is several things you can do to start reducing belly fat, which will also help you lose overall body fat and improve your health.

Make Healthy Decisions

I know this is probably obvious, but the first step for reducing belly fat is to make healthy decisions. Here is some of those decisions we all need to make:

  • Get enough quality sleep.
  • Don’t smoke (for us all!).
  • Establish daily routines for exercise.
  • Don’t count on weight loss pills or the diet of the week.
  • Try to get rid of sugar and processed foods in your diet.
  • Just eliminate soda. There are much healthier alternatives.
  • Lower your calorie intake

Increase Testosterone Levels

As mentioned earlier, having low testosterone can contribute to the development of belly fat. Then, taking testosterone boosting supplements, natural herbs or following a testosterone-boosting diet may help reduce belly fat.

The odds are pretty good that this will also help with overall fat loss.

Even though a lot of men turn to testosterone boosting supplements as a way of increasing testosterone, there are also dietary and behavioral approaches that you can turn to. It is always recommended that you start with these, since improving your diet and lifestyle will help with weight loss anyway. Here are some of those:

Follow a High-Fat in Your Diet Lifestyle

Believe it or not, for males with significant belly fat, a high-fat diet may be the most effective approach. Just look at the results people are getting from the Keto Diet.

Ketosis Cookbook

Ketosis Cookbook

Low fat diets or fat restriction ends up lowering testosterone levels. As a result, the traditional low-fat and high fiber diets decrease testosterone and can make weight loss more difficult.

High fat diets are just as good for weight loss and don’t have the same negative effects on testosterone. There are tons of different healthy fats that you can include in your diet.

To lose weight on a high-fat diet, you will obviously need to decrease your carb intake. You can do this easily if you follow the ketosis approach, or you can try a less strict low-carb diet. Both diets will help you increase testosterone, if you are getting enough high quality and proper nutrients.

Here is a cookbook I highly recommend that has tons of recipes to boost testosterone:

I like the High-fat diets because they are easy to follow. I have found Low-fat diets are more difficult, leaving people constantly hungry and stressed. Following a high-fat diet, means that you’re focusing on meals that are filling and satisfying.

Choose Your Foods More Carefully

If you’re concerned about testosterone and losing belly fat, and you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this, you need to pay attention to the foods that you choose. There are some foods that have been linked to decreased testosterone and others that may help to raise testosterone. Check out my posts on the foods that decrease testosterone and the one that tells you what foods will increase your testosterone. They are both very informative.

Exercise Correctly

Getting enough exercise is clearly very important for weight loss.

But, diet and exercise should both be considered important for losing weight. I know many people can lose weight without exercising, but that is not the norm. Diet is still the most important component to losing weight. Although, if you lose a lot of weight and don’t exercise, you may have a lot of lose skin just hanging. Nobody wants that, so exercise!

Exercise is important for ensuring muscle development and that makes you look and feel better. The correct type of exercise is totally relevant for improving testosterone levels. It offers other benefits as well, including a reduction of depression symptoms. Depression is one of the symptoms of low testosterone.

For testosterone and muscle development, not all exercises result in increasing testosterone.

Heavy resistance training and exercises with high intensity in short bursts tend to be more powerful and effective in increasing testosterone. Just stay away from too much cardio as that can decrease testosterone levels.

Summary of What We Just Learned About Belly Fat and Low T

Belly fat is a considerable problem for overall health and let’s be honest, it doesn’t look so good either. You can overcome this issue by do things like, following a healthy lifestyle, exercising, getting enough sleep and cutting back on the calories. Increasing testosterone levels is a critical aspect of losing belly fat, for males. A high-fat diet is probably the best way to go to accomplish both losing belly fat and increasing

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Curtis Henderson


  1. Good article on connection of belly fat with testosterone.. I knew that diet, your lifestyle can lead to increase in belly fat but heard first time that one reason can be testosterone…

    • Thank you for your comments. Yes, it is a vicious cycle of low T causing belly fat, but belly fat and generally being overweight causes Low T.

  2. I can tell you this, belly fat is the most difficult fat to get rid off. I have tried so many things, walking, running, eating right, diet…etc, nothing work. I agree with you that I have a hard time controlling my eating habits. I need to work on it. This is the first time that I learn about the low-level testosterone. I will incorporate into my routine to see if it helps. Thank you for the great information. I learn so much from your post.

    • Awesome, I am glad you read it. I believe it is important for all men to read my posts. Most don’t even know they have low T, which is causing many more issues.

  3. Do you know if there are certain foods that lead to higher levels of visceral fat?

    • Yes, any of the refined carbs, like anything processed. Some fatty foods will also increase visceral fat. You can eat these foods in smaller amounts as long as you have a dedicated exercise routine to stay in shape.

  4. This is helpful information in tend to share with my boyfriend. He is struggling with weight loss, mainly belly fat. This may give him other alternatives. Thanks!

    • Awesome, thank you for reading it. My entire reason for being here is to help people. If I make some money some day, that would be cool, but that is not my primary goal.
      Thanks again and best of luck to you!

  5. This is really great info – I’m a big believer that a balanced healthy diet and regular exercise go hand in hand for anyone wanting to improve their health and not just rely on the latest fad diet, pill or supplement to achieve it.
    It’s interesting to see that a high-in fat diet is more important than a low-fat diet in terms of boosting low T. Thanks for sharing.

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