Intensify Your Testosterone levels – Kor Naturals Test Booster Review

Intensify Your Testosterone Levels

Intensify Your Testosterone Levels

Would you like to intensify your testosterone levels? Most men would, especially the older gents who have low testosterone levels. I am one of those guys and I am very interested in this testosterone booster because of its excellent ingredients.

What is Kor Naturals Test Booster?

As you know by now, testosterone is vital to your male body development. And, this is especially true after puberty ends. Once puberty ends, most men should be able to increase their lean muscle mass and will start feeling more like a man and become more masculine. They get more facial hair and have an increase in their libido. Unfortunately, some men will eventually realize that their testosterone levels are lower than they are supposed to be, or lower than they want them to be. They may also find that as they get older, they can no longer maintain the testosterone levels they had when they were in their younger years. KOR Naturals has developed a really good formula called Test Booster that I believe will help with these issues.

Test Booster increases testosterone and lowers estrogen. This comes with many benefits to us males, including the following:

  • Boosts overall energy.
  • Increases lean muscle growth and physical strength.
  • Increase in stamina.
  • Much Higher endurance.
  • Improved immunity.
  • Increased Sex Drive.
  • A better and more balanced mood.
  • Improved & Deeper Sleep
  • Better Recovery
  • Fat Burning
  • Appetite Control & Suppression

Check out the ingredients in the next section that will provide you with these awesome benefits.

Ingredients in Test Booster – How do They Contribute to The Promised Benefits?

The KOR Naturals Test Booster includes important nutrients like Zinc and Fenugreek that have been proven to help increase testosterone production, boost energy, and reduce fat storage. It also has the benefit of getting you excited and pumped up so that your hard work produces results you can see.

Some of the other nutrients in Test Booster, can improve libido, increase the muscle to fat ratio, and lean muscle mass and physical strength.
Natural testosterone boosters like Eurycoma Longifolia have even been shown to aid in mood elevation and mental energy, and help to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

DIM (Diindolylmethane) is a also included and is one of the ingredients made to fight the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Less estrogen, means more testosterone.

This booster has a 3-pronged approach, in that it increases testosterone, reduces estrogen and even improves your immunity. All of these help you to produce more testosterone.

Kor Test Booster Ingredients Label

Kor Test Booster Ingredients Label

Here is a detailed look at the ingredients in Test Booster:

  • Zinc – If you exercise routinely, just sweat a lot or have lost weight, you are most likely deficient in Zinc. Having a Zinc deficiency can have an effect on your testosterone production. Zinc helps to maintain your natural testosterone levels, affects your libido, is essential for healthy immune function, and can improve your energy levels.
  • Boron –  Boron helps your body suppress production of a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and an estrogen called estradiol. These both affect how testosterone is used in your body and also how much is produced. Suppressing both of them helps to maintain a healthy and effective level of free testosterone.
  • Fenugreek Seed – Fenugreek is a well established testosterone booster that is found in many testosterone supplements. It will help you increase lean muscle mass, strength and stamina. Fenugreek is also scientifically and clinically proven to increase free testosterone levels by as much as 98% in just 8-weeks. This translates into lean muscle mass. Fenugreek seeds also contain what are called steroidal saponins and sapogenins, which are important for your sex hormones and your libido. You can check out my full and very detailed review of all the benefits of Fenugreek by CLICKING HERE.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia –  Also know as Tongkat Ali, the biggest benefit of this herb is to help you to alleviate stress and anxiety and increase energy levels. The legend on this herb is, Malaysian men claim that tea made from this plant improves their sexual abilities and virility. The root and bark are used for treating erectile dysfunction (ED), increasing interest in sex, male infertility, boosting athletic performance, body building, and reducing body fat. It can also be used for fever, malaria, ulcers, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, bone pain, diarrhea, headaches, syphilis, and some types of cancer. Read my full review of all the benefits of Tongkat Ali by CLICKING HERE.
  • Ashwagandha Root Extract –  Ashwagandha is used in eastern medicine practices to support healthy immune, brain, heart, and joint function. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in thyroid function and combating conditions like anxiety and adrenal fatigue. This herb has also been shown in several studies to increase testosterone by up to 18.7% while also increasing muscle mass and strength. It is also know to decrease stress, promote fat loss and promote better sleep. Another awesome benefit is, it is extremely effective at lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides (fat in the blood) while also increasing HDL (good cholesterol) and improving your overall cholesterol base. As you may of may not know, your testicles convert cholesterol into testosterone. So it makes sense, the better your cholesterol profile is, the better you are able to maximize your testosterone levels. One study showed a 17% decrease in LDL and decreased triglycerides 11%, on average.
  • DIM –  Diindolylmethane (DIM) is what’s called a phytochemical that aids in the regulation of good and bad estrogen metabolism in the body, and blocks testosterone from converting to estrogen. This balances out hormone levels and allows for more free testosterone. Free testosterone is essential for a healthy and active metabolism. DIM supports healthy hormone levels in men by helping to maintain ideal testosterone levels while optimizing estrogen-testosterone ratios. This can lead to improved lean body mass while promoting a healthy sex drive and helping to boost energy levels. But, DIM does not directly increase testosterone. It allows free testosterone to be made available by helping to release it from the SHBG.

Does Test Booster Come With Any Side Effects?

Since this T-Booster has no stimulants, like caffeine, and has only natural herbs and minerals, you should have no negative side effects. Everyone responds differently to supplements so if you have any concerns, or if you are a diabetic, see your doctor before starting any supplement.

My Conclusion on Kor Natural Test Booster – Absolutely Recommend!

I have to say, in the beginning of my research of this supplement, I was skeptical. Why? Well, it is low priced, and promises to burn fat, increase muscle growth, enhance your overall mood and even “Unleash Your Inner Beast”. That is a lot.

But with KOR Natural’s Test Booster, I was very pleasantly surprised to determine, in my research of this formula, that it can offer some major improvements, including, gives you energy for good lean muscle mass gains, while burning any extra fat at the same time, along with all the other benefits I covered earlier in this article.

For the price, quality ingredients and awesome benefits, I am definitely recommending this booster for any male over 18, who is looking for all the benefits described!

You can get yours today for a great price by clicking the Amazon add below!

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Curtis Henderson


  1. Great post, Curtis! I’ve been looking for a supplement, especially as I get older I’ve noticed a decline. And as I’m needing to exercise more and eat less, it’s a bit frustrating. I like this price too, some are so darn expensive, I just can’t afford it.

    • I agree about the price. Many are too expensive, but I always say you get what you pay for. As men get older, they will lose testosterone at a rate of 1-2% per year. So, eventually we need some help or we have to get it from the right diet.

  2. This is exactly what I was looking for. I have gotten up there in age and I just don’t have the energy that I used to when I was younger. I don’t be feeling like working out, spending time with the wife and kids, and I am always tired. So I have been looking around for some natural testosterone boosters to help me be more energetic. I went to GNC but they didn’t have what I was looking for so I decided to look on the internet. And this is exactly what I was looking for and it looks legit. Where is the best place or website that I can buy this product?

    • Do you know if your symptoms are caused by low testosterone? If you are not sure, I recommend you confirm your issue before starting any testosterone supplement. Currently this product is only available on the manufacturers website. It will be available on Amazon soon. I also have several other boosters that you may want to have a look at in my article on the opt ten testosterone boosters 2018 by CLICKING HERE. You can order any of those right from that article.

  3. Hi there!

    What an informative post! I really have no idea that the hormone “Testosterone” will play a vital part for men. I will definitely get one for my husband lol 

    Thank you for breaking down the listed ingredients and their benefits since many technical terms tend to confuse me. I guess my question is if you take this supplement in a long term will it harm your kidney? And also how long should one be taking this supplement? Last but not least should one be taking the supplement on an empty stomach? or with a meal?

    Overall great post, I will suggest this product to my husband.

    Take care,


    • There are no long term side effects because the ingredients are all natural. You can take this supplement as long as you want, but I suggest always cycling this type of supplement so your body doesn’t become accustomed to it. The manufacturer’s recommended daily dosage on the bottle should always be followed. Taking any supplement beyond the recommended amount can cause issues eventually.

      This should be taken for two months and then stopped for two weeks before starting again.

      Thank you for reading my article and I am glad you found the information useful.

  4. Hi Curtis!

    Balancing testosterone is a growing concern. As a former healthcare worker, many of the medical records I’d review of men had an issue with testosterone levels which is very concerning. There are many chemical medications that are supposed to help men with the issue of testosterone, but they have much harsher contraindications than what you’ve mentioned in this Kor Naturals Test Booster Review. I’m so glad to see this natural alternative that works for men and has other positive health benefits. Hopefully more men will be able to see what you’ve written here and try this out!

    • Thank you Tiffany. I agree a hundred percent. Low testosterone is epidemic in the world today for males of all ages, not just us older ones. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is brutal on a males body. That is exactly why I do these reviews, to provide men with a natural alternative that don’t have these terrible side effects.

      I have a Facebook page dedicated to helping men with this issue, so I believe I am getting the work out there a little at a time.

      Thank you for finding my article useful.

  5. Hi Curtis,

    Great review of Kor Naturals Test Booster.  This looks like a quality product.  I stated taking testosterone on an on again, off again basis when I turned 40.  Fortunately I’ve lifted weights and eaten fairly well since I was 20 so I wasn’t having to push the boulder up the hill so to speak.  The testosterone certainly helps though.  This looks like a great product, I think I’ll give it a shot.  It looks like a great combination of price and quality.  Thanks,

    Mat A.  

    • Thanks Matt, but this is not testosterone. It is a natural testosterone booster to help your body boost its own testosterone. The ingredients are high quality and do what is advertised. They will definitely help you in the gym and give you more stamina, along with help you to recover more quickly after workouts.

  6. Hey Curtis, 

    I have seen pills like this before, and never really read what they were all about, but as I reach my mid 40s, I realize that what you have written about in your post is hitting home now. so I am really glad I found this post. I like that it is natural herbs and minerals, and would be interested in trying this out to see how it works with me. So your post said something about, deeper sleep, is this for real? man could I use some of that.lol. well you have me convinced to give it a try, if I do nothing, I will never know what could have been , right. 

    thank you 

    • Yes, many of the testosterone boosters I recommend have Ashwagandha which has been used for centuries for a sleep aid. Better, deeper sleep is critical to increasing testosterone, since that is the time when that actually occurs for us guys.

      There are many other great testosterone boosters available and I have created an article about the top ten testosterone boosters 2018 that you should check out by CLICKING HERE, before you make your decision on which one is for you.

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