How to Increase Free Testosterone – TEST WORx Testosterone Booster Full Review

How to Increase Free Testosterone - TEST WORx Information

How to Increase Free Testosterone – TEST WORx Information

There are two types of testosterone in our bodies. Free testosterone is the one we need to give us energy, muscle mass, well-being and many other benefits. SHBG or Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, attaches itself to our free testosterone which makes it unavailable to use. This results in a decrease of overall testosterone we have and cause lower energy, less stamina, irritable moods and more. So, clearly we need to know how to increase free testosterone.

In this full detailed review, we are going to take a look at a possible solution to this free testosterone and SHBG issue. It is a supplement called TEST WORx.

What is TEST WORx by Superior Labs?

TEST WORx is a testosterone-boosting supplement that is sold in tablet form instead of capsule form. Besides the obvious benefit of boosting your testosterone, TEST WORx also claims that it’s ingredients will inhibit the bonding of SHBG to testosterone, which will make more free testosterone available for use in your body.

Here are the benefits Superior Labs says TEST WORx will provide to men over 30:

  • Increases energy and stamina
  • Promotes muscle recovery
  • Sharpens focus and clarity
  • Improves sleep efficiency
  • Enhances overall well-being

Sounds good to me. Lets see what ingredients are included in TEST WORx to be able to do all these things, and if they really can.

What are the Ingredients in TEST WORx?

TEST WORx Ingredients

TEST WORx Ingredients – Vegan Friendly!

TEST WORx consists of clinically researched ingredients that have been specifically formulated to provide you with a considerable edge in any physical activity.

Here are the ingredients in TEST WORx, explained in detail:

  • Vitamin B3 – Also known as niacin or niacinamide, this ingredient is important for promoting healthy blood flow, reducing inflammation, may facilitate some cellular repair, and lowers anxiety. It does not increase testosterone on its own.
  • Vitamin B6 – Also known as Pyridoxine, B6 not only benefits your testosterone levels, but can also lower the production of the female hormone estrogen in the body. Getting plenty B6 regularly doesn’t just support your hormones, it also helps your body in general, by promoting the health of your eyes, hair, skin and liver. B6 can be difficult to get enough of in foods, so supplementing is important.
  • Vitamin B12 – Also known as Cobalamin, this is a water-soluble vitamin that aids in many different body functions including energy production, neurological functions, nerve health, the formation of red blood cells, and DNA synthesis. Too much of this vitamin has a bunch of bad side effects so don’t over do it with this vitamin. TEST WORx contains all you need and more so don’t take anything else with B12 in it while taking this supplement.
  • Zinc – Zinc is a vital part of our diets. Its main functions in our bodies include boosting immunity, helping us fight cancer, assisting in keeping our hormones balanced, and lowering blood sugar to fight off diabetes. Zinc has been found to have a direct impact on boosting testosterone, but only in those males who actually have a deficiency. The suggested dosage is between 30 – 50mg per day, for men who are low in testosterone. TEST WORx is a little short at 20mg. If you testosterone levels are normal, 10 – 20mg per day will be enough to maintain your T.
  • TEST WORx Proprietary Blend – There are a lot of good ingredients in this blend and at 950mg, the individual amounts of each ingredient may be good. But, we can’t know since the amounts aren’t listed. I know LJ100 and Maca are amazing ingredients, but we don’t know how much of each there is in this blend. This is unfortunate, because without knowing exact dosages of these, we can’t really know how they will work. Here is a great article on Proprietary Blends that is recommended reading before trying any supplement with a proprietary blend. CLICK HERE.

In my humble opinion, this supplement is missing some key ingredients, like Magnesium, Boron and D-AA. If these three were added and not part of a proprietary blend, this would be a great testosterone booster.

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Are There Any Side Effects While Taking TEST WORx?

As with all natural supplements, there are no obvious side effects, unless you exceed the recommended dosage on the bottle.

What is the Special Science Based Regimen for TEST WORx That Makes it so Unique?

TEST WORx does not offer a “fast results” promise but a scientifically formulated 6 week regimen. Most clinical research done on ingredients shown to boost testosterone are done in 6-8 week trials, not 4. The TEST WORx 6 week regimen has been specifically created to unlock your body’s natural ability to achieve maximum results.

Maximum results are achieved by following the specially formulated dosage instructions of 5 days on followed by 2 days off during physical rest days. Even on rest days you are receiving the benefits of TEST WORx as your body readjusts to normal levels without building up tolerance.
After week 6 you will take 1 full week off from TEST WORx to stimulate your body’s natural response to tolerance and buildup. This helps stimulate and trick you body into better growth and performance and increased testosterone.

Here is a great chart of the TEST WORx Regimen:

 6 week TEST WORx Regimen

6-week TEST WORx Regimen

Conclusion on TEST WORx.

I really wanted to like this supplement because it has some good ingredients and many are proper dosages. Unfortunately, it includes a Proprietary Blend of some great ingredients that we can’t verify for dosages. It might be great, it might not. We just can’t know.

I have seen some great reviews and I have read some really bad reviews. Out of 5808 reviews, 89% of them gave this a rating of 3 or better out of 5. SO it appears to work for many guys and I even saw a few women reviews that said it worked great for them.

I, personally would not try it, because there are so many amazing testosterone boosters I have tried and/or reviewed that have trusted and verifiable ingredients.

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If you would like to try TEST WORx or at least check it out yourself, CLICK on the Amazon add below:

Curtis Henderson


  1. While I don’t think I need to increase my testosterone (as a female, ya know) I do like how detailed you are about the product ingredients and the benefits using such supplements because I’m sure there are some ingredients in certain brands that someone may be allergic to. I think this would also be great for those that are just starting a new workout program and want to be able to push through leg day (leg day is brutal). But, (and I may be wrong here) wouldn’t someone who decides not to follow instructions and take too much still be subject to something similar to “Roid Rage”? Then again, I guess they wouldn’t have to worry about that sort of thing as long as a person isn’t taking multiple testosterone boosters at once, right?

    • You must not have read my article on Halotropin for women. Women do have testosterone and can also have low testosterone, just like men. You do need the correct amount of testosterone as a women for proper sexual activity and for sex drive in general, as you get older.

      No such thing as roid rage with natural supplements. There are no steroids involved and no direct or synthetic testosterone involved. These supplements are to help with the natural production of YOUR testosterone.

      Yes, one testosterone booster is more than enough for anyone.

      I have never heard of an allergic reaction to a natural supplement, but I suppose it is possible. If you are unsure, always check with your doctor before beginning with any supplement.

  2. Very informative review, after seeing all I needed to know I think id go with your other product review on prime labs testosterone booster.  Although they both use natural ingredients I think it all comes down to presentation I suppose. Which isn’t a good way to look for these type of products I know .

  3. Sounds like a great product. And  I have been looking for a product like this for sometime. since I do workout often, especially with leg press and shoulder press. I have tried different natural herbal products with minimal results.I believe rather than depending on products like Viagra,  that I might very well give this product a try.

    • If you are 30 or under, I would recommend Testofuel instead, since you do workout. It is much better for the younger generation.

      You don’t need Viagra for sure. These supplements are all designed to help men with libido and some will also boost testosterone. Remember that low testosterone does not always correlate to libido issues.

      If you would like more options, go check out my post on the Top Ten Testosterone Boosters for 2018.

      Thanks for reading and for your comments.

  4. This is a great post

    I am getting older and need to make sure all my levels are balanced to keep my veritlity alive and well and reading this post has engaged me enough to know what is good for me so thank you and I will go check out the womens products as well while I’m here as I love to know I’m in top shape for 60 

    Always fit and feisty 🙂

    All the best helping people along the way and thank you again

    • Thank you Vicki. Yes please check out my review of Halotropin that was written at the request of another woman. 

      We all need to pay attention to our bodies as we age and take care of ourselves with the right food and consistent exercise. If we all did those two things, we wouldn’t need supplements, by most don’t do it.

  5.  I am searching for a while now for something my husband, who is much older then me, which can give him a good energy boost after he has fallen ill for a long time and is now on the road of recovery.

    I am a bit confused, since he is not the sporty guy, if he still can use this product Test WORKx?

    I do appreciate all the details you are providing with this review and especially listing all the ingredients, very important to me and my husband.

    I appreciate your reply, thank you

    • Yes, these supplements are for men over 30 and don’t have to by gym rats. However, I would recommend a different booster than this one for men over 50. I prefer Ageless Male Max far over TEST WORx because it has much better ingredients.

      Please check out my article on the Best Testosterone Booster for Men Over 50 for some other great options.

      I am very glad you found this article useful.

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