Does Low Testosterone Decrease Motivation in Men?

There is definitely a connection between low testosterone and decreased motivation in men.

Lately, have you been waking up without the same energy and drive you used to have? Do you feel like you have lost interest in the things you used to really enjoy doing? Low testosterone is a real possibility to blame, because testosterone and your motivation have been proven to be very closely linked.

Testosterone and motivation are so closely linked, that lack of motivation is routinely one of the top symptoms that is seen if you search for symptoms of low testosterone. It is also one of the most noticeable symptoms because of the effects of a lack of motivation in a person’s day-to-day routine.

I look at testosterone as the energy or fuel for your motivation. Cars are propelled and driven by gasoline. Your body and your mind are similarly driven by testosterone. If and when your testosterone level starts dropping, you can definitely expect your overall motivation and zing for life to drop right along with it.

When this happens, it is very concerning, because it can affect how you function every day, both in your personal and your professional life.

The Effects of Testosterone and Motivation on Your Entire Being

Testosterone and motivation are responsible for providing you with the drive to accomplish things in life, such as reaching your goals, setting new heights, experiencing new things, and much more.

As a result of low T and lack of motivation, you may also find depression to be a symptom of low testosterone because the need for accomplishing what your are trying to achieve is not being met.

Remember how you feel every time you achieve new things in life, whether it be in the business or personal arena. Remember that awesome feeling of confidence? You felt renewed levels of energy and you had a tremendous sense of pride.

Having your testosterone at the proper level is what led to achieving the accomplishments that earned that amazing sense of pride. When you achieve new things in life, that will lead to the production of more testosterone. That is the healthy cycle of accomplishment and motivation you want and need to be in!

To get out of the negative hole you have put yourself into and back into that cycle of motivation, accomplishment, and pride, you absolutely need to optimize your testosterone back to the correct levels.

What do the Studies on Testosterone and Motivation Say?

The proof of the link between testosterone and motivation can be found in a study published in the journal Hormones and Behavior published in 1999.

In that study, 42 male students were asked to just imagine what success felt like. They were not asked to do anything physically, just imagine what it felt like. The belief was that testosterone levels rise according to the feeling of, or anticipation of achievement.

There were other individuals in the test group who were not asked to imagine any particular kind of success. When compared with those who were told to visualize success in their minds, those who imagined success were found to have elevated levels of testosterone.

See, raising testosterone can be as easy as just imagining success. But in order to get that far you need the motivation. Sorry, but you are not going to just wake up tomorrow being motivated and have success enveloping your mind.

Get Motivated and It Could Naturally Increase Your Low T.

Lack of motivation may be a direct result of low testosterone, but it can also be a cure. Start small by thinking of minor successes you want to achieve and then build off of that.

I just finished writing another article on the many ways to help you get motivated, but first let me tell you my story of how I lost my motivation and became very depressed, which led to my very low testosterone levels, and other health issues I am still battling today.

My Story

About eight years ago, the company I worked for decided to downsize and myself and all my friends at work lost their jobs. I had never experienced losing a job in my life. But the hardest part was trying to find a new job in a very much down market at that time. I was out of work for six months, the whole time trying to find a good new job. It was ok for a while but eventually I started getting very depressed. I lost my motivation for most things. I had always loved bowling and even turned pro, but even that didn’t interest me much anymore.

I finally got a job but it was an eight hour drive from home. So I went there and worked for a month while living in an apartment alone. I only got more depressed and less and less motivated to do much of anything but work. I did really great at my job because I only know one way, and that is to always do my best, no matter how I feel. After thirty days I found a job back close to home and moved back.

But, I was still very depressed and it did affect my job. Finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with depression and put on Zoloft. After a few weeks, I was back to being myself and I excelled at everything once again. Hallelujah!

Feeling much better, but the lack of motivation and depression had also caused low testosterone and I developed Type 2 diabetes.

Why am I telling you this story? I hope other men read this and realize what can happen if they get symptoms of depression and low testosterone so they will be motivated to optimize their Low T levels for better overall health.

Here is the link to the article I wrote on how you can increase your motivation: CLICK HERE

I hope you got something out of this post and will get help if you need it. Please check out all my other articles on the many aspects of low testosterone and how you can increase it naturally.

Best of luck to you all and please share this with all your friends and family.




Curtis Henderson


  1. I never knew motivation was linked to your testosterone levels — so I’m glad I know now.

    Is there any way you can naturally increase your levels without taking pills or anything?

    Also I would imagine just exercise and a well balanced diet could help a lot.

    Do you take any pills or anything yourself?

  2. Wow- I am quite shocked to learn that low testosterone may be the cause of me having to drag and force myself to do practically anything.

    Are there any DIY tests you can do to check to see if your levels are low before buying? Or do you simply buy and see if you notice an improvement?

    Also, while the benefits sounds amazing, are their any negative side effects?

    • There is a really good DIY kit that I wrote an article about. Check it out by clicking HERE. I would have your testosterone checked before buying a supplement. Your issue could always be some other medical issue.

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