Do Testosterone Supplements Work? – My Personal Experience

Do Testosterone Supplements Work?

Do Testosterone Supplements Work?

Have you used any testosterone supplements or boosters? I have tried several to find out for myself if they really worked or not. Before that, I asked myself, “do testosterone supplements work?”, and although I was convinced that some do, I was also pretty sure that many did not. There is a lot of hype out there for T Boosters so I had to see for myself.

I should point out that I did and still do have lower than normal testosterone levels, although they have improved considerably with the use of one of these supplements.

In this article, I will tell you all about the testosterone supplements/boosters that I have tried, some for months at a time.

My Trial With Andro 400 Max. – Did Not Go Well.

As you can guess, I bought into the hype of Andro 400. I heard about it on the radio every morning on the way to work. I saw TV infomercials about the amazing benefits I could get by taking it.

The benefits of Andro 400 Max advertised were very enticing and things I really needed, as follows:

  • Naturally increase your testosterone safely with no side effects. Sounds good to me.
  • Have the Energy you had 25 years ago. Ok, I needed that.
  • Safely boosts sex drive and performance. Well, that sounded great.
  • Could be the Fountain of Youth. Who doesn’t want to feel young again.
  • Has anti-aging properties. Maybe it would reduce my wrinkles:)
  • Increasing Testosterone will reduce my risk of Heart Attacks, Strokes and Heart Disease. Sounded good to me.

So, how did all that turn out for me?

I took Andro 400 Max for a full year. I think I might have had a little more energy. Didn’t help with my sex drive. My wrinkles continued to increase and instead of having crow’s feet, I developed the whole leg:)

My testosterone continued to spiral downward, the whole time I was taking Andro 400. I believed the hype and it cost me a lot of money to keep refilling it. It just never did anything for me.

I don’t see how it has been the #1 booster since 2004! Not for me.

You can read my full review of Andro 400 by CLICKING HERE.

What about Nugenix?

My Two Month Test of Nugenix (Original Formula). – Did Nothing for Me.

Frank Thomas has always been one of my baseball heroes. He was a beast at the plate. But now, he is the spokesman for Nugenix and if you believe his commercials, this stuff is awesome. It would supposedly do everything Andro 400 would, plus a whole bunch more.

It would help me in the gym, give me tons of energy during the day, and make my wife much happier in the bedroom.

I just want to ask Frank, “Where’s the beef?”.

My gym performance stayed pretty stagnant. I might have had a little more energy to get me through the day, maybe. And the bedroom thing, well, my wife sleeps on the couch now:(

I was very disappointed even though I did like the ingredients in Nugenix. However, I have learned after these trials and tribulations, that the ingredients are actually very lacking. Hopefully, the new improved Nugenix T formula will have better ingredients and improvements on the old ones as well.

Bottom line, for me, Nugenix did not do anything it promised and my testosterone levels keep going down, as do other things.

For a full detailed review of Nugenix, CLICK HERE.

Please tell me Prime Male with save me!

My Six Month Try With Prime Male – My Hopes Were High.

Prime Male is many people’s #1 testosterone booster on their websites, including mine for a while. It has awesome ingredients that I totally believe in. It pretty promises you the world and has worked for a lot of older men. Yes, I am older at 60 when I tried Prime Male.

It promises a lot of great benefits, but I guess most do, or nobody would buy them.

A Hollywood legend, Dolph Lundgren is the spokesperson for Prime Male. Now this guy is a beast too. Hard to believe he needs this stuff or anything else.

Here is what the Prime Male website says about the benefits of Prime Male:

  • Build lean muscle — get stronger fasterSorry, not for me it didn’t.
  • Become a stud not a dud — shift your libido into high gear – Sadly, I became less of a stud on Prime Male.
  • Shed excess weight — especially belly fat. I really wanted this to work. Nope, still have too much belly fat.
  • Achieve optimal cardiovascular health — control your blood pressure. No change, but my blood pressure has always been good.
  • Avoid insulin resistance — regulate your blood sugar. I am type 2 diabetic and this did not help.
  • Overcome fatigue — increase your energy. I did feel like I had more energy, endurance and stamina.
  • Improve mood — gain new confidence. I didn’t kill anyone so maybe it helped my moodiness.
  • Sharpen your mind — enhance cognitive function. My mind was already sharp as a tack and still is.

Well, as you can see, Prime Male also failed me miserably. I felt more energy but my libido actually got worse.

I had my blood tested for my testosterone levels before and after Prime Male. I am unhappy to report that my testosterone level went down to its lowest level in history while taking Prime Male. What, how is that possible! I don’t know, but that is what happened. At that point, I stopped taking Prime Male and move on to the next great testosterone booster.

P.S. I have read a lot of reviews on Prime Male and it has helped a lot of guys and a few had the same results I did. Strang but true. The point here is that all of these supplements have different effects on different people, and that is both men and women.

I still like the ingredients in Prime Male and its close friend TestoFuel. Both are awesome for many men, just not for me.

Read my full and very detailed review of Prime Male and TestoFuel RIGHT HERE.

Can Testogen finally be my answer to Low Testosterone?

Tried the New Improved Testogen Formula – Uereka!!

Testogen has been one of the top boosters for a while, since 2014. But, with the new improved formula that included more and better ingredients, it had to be the real deal. Right?

I really like the ingredients in the new Testogen formula. They added a lot more Vitamin D3, a know testosterone booster. Increase the amount of T-boosting D-AA. Improved the Zinc to be a more absorbable form. And, they added Boron, Magnesium, Nettle Leaf and Vitamin K1.

Those ingredients include several that have been scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels. That is what convinced me that I had to give Testogen a fair chance. So, I started a 6 month trial, at the recommendation of a good friend who was using it. It worked great for him so why not.

I noticed several benefits of taking Testogen that I was looking forward to as follows:

  • Should help me with increasing bigger lean muscles. Started seeing this within a few weeks. Very pleased!
  • Expected an increase in sex drive. After a few weeks, I actually woke up with a surprise. Been a long time!
  • I was hoping for more stamina and endurance during my workouts. Pleasantly surprised I could workout longer and more intensely.
  • Really wanted to lose this belly fat. Mission accomplished, well at least some.
  • Obviously looking for increased testosterone levels. Finally. My testosterone blood test revealed my testosterone had doubled while on Testogen. That’s right, doubled! I have the results to prove it.

All I can say, with a huge smile on my face, is TESTOGEN WORKS!! I was so happy when I saw the blood test, but not that surprised, since I was feeling all the benefits of increased testosterone before the test. But, I was surprised it actually doubled.

I am still taking Testogen and it has moved to the top of my recommended list.

You can see the full unbiased and detailed review of Testogen by CLICKING RIGHT HERE.

Recommendations From This Group!

I guess this is obvious, but clearly for me, Testogen is my top choice of the ones I have tried. I still believe Prime Male will work for many men, it just wasn’t the right combination for me.

I do not recommend Andro 400 Max or the original formula of Nugenix.

I will be reviewing Nugenix T soon so watch for that.

I hope this information helps a lot of men to make a better choice for their low testosterone issues.

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Curtis Henderson


  1. Curtis, you’ve clearly done your homework and dedicated much time and money to finding the right solution for yourself. I am pleased for you that you’ve actually found something that benefits you. It sounds like there are many products out there that don’t have much value. It is amazing isn’t it, what a marketing campaign (and spokesperson) can do for a product. Having said that, is it possible that some products might work better for others because their bodies are different? Or do you just think they’re not great products? I wonder that sometimes when I see new products that apparently work for others but do nothing for me.

    Anyway I hope others can benefit from your research and go straight to the stuff that works!

    • Thank you Melissa. You are right, I have done a ton of research and continue to do so every day for my site to help people with low testosterone.

      I agree with you that everyone responds differently to these supplements and many do work well. Some just didn’t work so good for my situation.

      There are some really good products out now that do work for most people, including women. Did you know women also develop low testosterone as they age? Very true, I have done a few articles on that subject on my site for women as well.

      Thanks again and stay healthy.

  2. Hey Curtis, my best friend suffers from very low testosterone levels and it kind of affects his health, mood, self-esteem, he feels tired almost all the time, etc.

    He is right beside me but he won’t consider taking any supplements because he thinks that they are “drugs”.

    Do you have anything more organic and natural to recommend to him? Maybe some kind of herb or herb extract?

    We would appreciate your help…


    • Yes, everything on my site and what I recommend are all natural products. No drugs ever involved and never any synthetic formulas.

      I can recommend Testogen for sure and I know it works. It will improve all your friends symptoms.

      I can also suggest my friends natural herbs at Lost Empire Herbs. They are awesome!

  3. This review is not very encouraging, it seems most of the testosterone supplement products are only rip off.

    I wish I could believe what companies say about their products but in this industry, truth seems not to be important.

    My wife tried to buy a testosterone product here in Thailand in a pharmacy but they said I would have to see a doctor.

    I’ll check out the new Testogen Formula and see if they send to my country, thanks 🙂

    • Yes, unfortunately there is too much hype on many boosters and not much actually boosting going on. That is why I created my site, to help people understand the truth about the products I have tried and the ones I have researched until I am blue in the face.

      Testogen really does what it promises, which is more than I can say for some others.

  4. Thank you for a really well informed article. As my fiftieth birthday approaches this year, I have always been a little concerned about the inevitable decline in testosterone production. 

    I am currently 49, and fathered my last daughter at 45, so I think at the moment things are okay, but there are several things I now do on a regular basis to (hopefully) ensure my testosterone levels will at least stay reasonably stable for the next few years.

    1: Ice cold showers every day without fail – I realise that the evidence suggesting this increases testosterone is far from conclusive, but I guarantee you will feel energised and focused after a cold shower. It can also mitigate anxiety and depression.

    2: Meditation – particularly deep, controlled breathing – Oxygen gives us life, and if we focus on breathing deeply and slowly just for five to ten minutes a day, it can and will have a positive impact.

    3:Cycling – and lots of it. It isn’t just the physical benefits of cycling, but the mental benefits are staggering. If you need to make a short journey, take the bike.

    4: A healthy and balanced diet. I love protein-rich foods, particularly Tuna, eggs and beans all of which promote healthy testosterone levels. Stay away from testosterone depleting processed foods and junk foods and drink water regularly through the day.

    5: I used to go to the gym a lot when I was in  my early twenties, now I just make sure, I do regular push-ups, abdominal crunches, and pull-ups – seems to do the job. In fact, I can do more push-ups now than in my twenties, so I must be doing something right!

    Best wishes


    • You are doing all the right things. I did not know about all these things at your age. All I did was work and did not take care of my health. Doing much better now days.

      I eat very healthy now and workout 6 days a week, alternating body parts.

      Thank you for reading my article and finding it informative.

      Best of luck to you and your family, stay healthy.

  5. Good Day, Curtis.

    I want to congratulate you on all the time and effort you have conducted in “researching” these products for your post. You are a modern day warrior that would impress the hell out of Homer Simpson.

    All kidding aside, … are your energy levels that low? 

    Do you feel the need to compare your energy levels to where they were 25 years ago?

    I’m in your age group, and even though I would not be able to run the distances I did in my youth, or carry the loads and lift the weights I did 25 years ago, I get by quite well.

    My concern is that ingesting so many different formulations into your body must have consequences on your digestive system.

    Did your bowel movements change with each of these different products?

    Did you feel more bloated? 

    I get the impression that you were only using one product at a time, but if I calculate this correctly, it appears to cover a period of 20 months more or less.

    Did you fall for all the hype?

    I grew up eating real food! What is real food, you might ask? Real food is meat and potatoes, fruits and vegetables, bread, butter, milk, and eggs, … that kind of food, … in moderation.

    I’m not opposed to anyone wanting to improve, their energy levels or their libido, but I find that the “food industrial complex” is easily winning this war.

    I’m happy to hear that you have found the product that works for you, but for how long? I will return to your website to see how this new formula works.

    I hope that you’re not overly offended by my comments, you see, I’m getting old, and perhaps my testosterone levels are not where they should be.

    Your post was very detailed and informative. Thanks.


    • I grew up eating just like you. What happened in my case was too much work and too little taking care of my health. My job for the last five years I worked, almost killed me and that is what caused all my health issues.

      I eat very well now and use only all natural supplements.

      I did fall for the hype way back in the beginning. I learned my lesson and I do tons of research now on all products I may use. That is also why I started my site to help men with low testosterone, so they are much better informed than I was.

      I have had no issues with bowel movements as you said with any of these all natural supplements.

      Thanks for reading my article and for your comments, and no, I am not offended.

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